Kate Winslet’s Mare Of Easttown Sequel Is In The Works

Kate Winslet may be bringing us more Mare of Easstown!

By Annie Banks | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Right from the beginning, Mare of Easttown proved itself to be a success. The high praise stems from Kate Winslet’s performance in HBO’s latest mystery-driven show. The award-winning actress has earned Oscars, Emmys, and even Grammys in the past, all the more supporting her casting as the detective who goes on to investigate the murders of a young mother in Philadelphia.

Kate Winslet’s Mare of Easttown earned the distinction of having the most-watched finale on HBO thanks to its suspenseful storytelling and its incredibly dramatic core narrative. After the sixth episode was enough to spur on fans’ cravings for more Mare of Easttown, the seventh episode revealed the killer that was being pursued through the miniseries while tying up other loose ends. The season finale of Mare of Easttown surpassed The Undoing and The Flight Attendant‘s finales while racking up over 4 million streams from both HBO and HBO Max in the episode’s first 24-hour span, causing HBO Max to temporarily crash from the heavy traffic.

The smash-hit finale does not automatically guarantee a green light for more Mare of Easttown or for Kate Winslet to return. If anything, the show encapsulates itself in a single season. Kate Winslet herself is unsure of the show’s future, even though she currently serves as an executive producer. She told Entertainment Tonight that there have been conversations around continuing the miniseries, but implies that there is no script that there’s no story for a second season read yet.

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Kate Winslet told the outlet that the series took a lot out of her though she did love the role of Detective Mare Sheehan. The actress elaborated on her time in therapy, and the time that she took off to “put herself back together.” She also included that she would have to consider returning to Mare of Easttown while keeping her mental health up.

Even if the actress chooses to step back from Mare of Easttown, Kate Winslet was awarded with an incredible pay-per-episode payout. It was reported that she cashed in $650,000 per Mare of Easttown episode, which would total at $4.5 million for all seven entries. She also argued in favor of a particular sex scene to stay in the series, which featured Guy Pearce in a more intimate manner. The scene was shot in modesty, and when director Craig Zobel proposed removing it from the final cut, Kate Winslet remained adamant that she wanted the scene to stay in the episode.

Mare of Easstown proudly holds a 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, determined by the weighted scores of all accredited Tomatometer critics who contributed their reviews to the overall rating. Kate Winslet won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie, and her co-star Evan Peters nabbed the Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie. Even if Mare of Easstown doesn’t continue past its standing of a limited series, it still promises to stand strong on HBO.