Halle Berry Confirms She’s Returning To X-Men For Marvel?

Halle Berry has social media abuzz with speculation over a possible Storm X-men reprisal with this new photo.

By Kevin C. Neece | Updated

It seems the appetite for Halle Berry to return to comic book movies is so high she can’t post a photo of herself with white hair and a cat without setting off speculation. In a recent post to Twitter, the original big-screen Storm got X-Men fans excited by showing up sporting the pure white (if also cropped and undercut) locks she was famous for wearing as the weather-controlling mutant. Does this possibly signal her return to the role now that the X-Men might be coming to the MCU?

We’re not so sure, though Halle Berry’s post also sparked some other curiosity—of the cat-like variety—since she is holding a white kitty in the photo. This on its own might not be enough to indicate that the Catwoman star might return to her other iconic comic book role, but she did include the caption, “patience takes practice.” Anyone who saw (and suffered through) her feline flop will recall that her Catwoman was not Selina Kyle, but Patience Phillips.

Still, fans on Twitter were immediately asking Halle Berry if she would be returning as Catwoman. But the Storm speculation was also afoot, with one Twitter user even cheekily asking the star to confirm her return…by not liking his tweet. As of this writing, she has not liked the tweet, but we’re going to take a leap and say that’s not confirmation.

Of course, Halle Berry isn’t the only star to seemingly send a coded hint about an upcoming role on social media of late. Citadel star Richard Madden left Instagram “shaken, not stirred” when he joined his costar Stanley Tucci in sipping a martini in a video posted to the app. It might not seem like much, but the actor has been rumored as the next James Bond, so the short clip had many humming the 007 theme under mental images of Madden in a tuxedo.

Like Halle Berry, Madden has yet to confirm or deny any secret (or not-so-secret) message behind the post, though he could simply have been signaling that he would accept the role if it was offered. Berry might have had no intention of communicating anything, but she certainly could have been attempting to get fans buzzing about possibilities. After all, her choice of words seems out of keeping with the photo unless she was indeed dropping a hint.

halle berry

Of course, Halle Berry could have just been stirring the pot to mess with her Twitter followers, which she has certainly done whether she meant to or not. Speculation about the future of the X-Men is, of course, high, and it is doubtful that Berry ever bleaches her hair without the thought of her mutant alter ego crossing her mind. Her cat, Smoky, seemed none too excited about being in the photo, but Berry seemed quite at ease.

Whatever Halle Berry’s intent might have been, the photo seems to have become quite the tease, and it’s got us wondering whether we’ll see Berry return to either role sometime in the future. In a world where Michael Keaton is Batman again, we suppose anything is possible.

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