Alexandra Daddario Shown As X-Men’s Rogue In New Art

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

alexandra daddario wonder woman

Alexandra Daddario as one of the X-Men? We could see it. In fact, we have a chance to see what it looks like before any decisions are even made. The Giant Freakin Robot Instagram account has the actress playing one of the main players in this group. She sure looks the part.

Alexandra Daddario As Rogue

Now that Marvel’s mighty mutants are finally coming to the MCU, Disney has the difficult task of finding a cast as awesome and iconic as the cast of the original X-Men movies by 20th Century Fox.

The character Rogue has been part of those films from the beginning, and Anna Paquin did a great job of playing a waifish version of every fan’s favorite southern belle.

However, Disney has the chance to cast an older, more buxom actor that better resembles the Rogue of the comics and 1992 cartoon show, and as this art shows, Alexandra Daddario should play this cutie mutie in the next X-Men movie.

Other Versions Of Rogue

As longtime fans know, there have been nearly as many Rogue versions onscreen as in the original comics.

Paquin’s character quickly became a favorite to moviegoers, and the popular X-Men: Evolution show introduced a goth version of the character that launched a thousand fanfics.

But the most iconic version of Rogue is the super-strong, well-built woman who has permanently absorbed the powers of Captain Marvel, and that’s the version we’d like to see Alexandra Daddario portray in the upcoming X-Men movie.

Alexandra Daddario Looks The Part

In addition to certainly looking the part, we’d like to see the actor cast in the film because she better matches the age of the character we grew up reading.

While the early X-Men films and the X-Men: Evolution cartoon portrayed Rogue as a young teen, the version that fans thrilled to read and watch in the ‘90s typically looked like she was in her early 30s.

While Anna Paquin was 18 when the first movie came out, Alexandra Daddario is 37 and looks years younger, making her a great casting choice for fans’ more familiar version of this character.

Comic Book Experience

alexandra daddario wonder woman

On top of that, the actor already has some valuable experience acting in superhero media. For example, she voiced Lois Lane in the 2020 animated film Superman: Man of Tomorrow, and she’ll be reprising that role for the 2024 animated film Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part One.

Since Alexandra Daddario has already brought one of the most famous DC Comics characters to life, we think she’ll do great bringing the Marvel character Rogue to life in the next X-Men movie.

Alexandra Daddario Is A Natural

alexandra daddario

In addition to that valuable superhero experience, we think the veteran actor would make a great Rogue after seeing her in the first season of True Blood.

She played a court reporter who has a passionate affair with Woody Harrelson’s character, and their scenes (one scene in particular) set the internet on fire after the show came out.

In short, we’ve already seen Alexandra Daddario play a southern belle who metaphorically takes men’s breath away on the small screen, so she’d be a natural taking men’s breath (and their powers) away in the X-Men movie.

Waiting On X-Men News

So far, we don’t know much about the casting for the next X-Men film, but it’s a fair bet some of the cast will be revealed when Deadpool 3 comes out.

Until then, all we can do is hope that Disney listens to the fans and casts Alexandra Daddario as Rogue, effectively giving us the most comics-accurate film portrayal of the character we have ever seen.

And if we were this beautiful New York native, we’d be brushing up on our southern accent for the inevitable call from Kevin Feige.