Update On Star Trek: Captain Worf From Michael Dorn

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Whether you like J.J. Abrams’ bigscreen Star Trek reboot or not, there’s no question that it’s garnered the floundering franchise more attention than it had received in at least a decade. And while Abrams’ movies will likely continue for as long as they keep making money and he stays interested, it seems inevitable that other Trek projects will eventually come down the pike. Former Trek actor Michael Dorn has some ideas about how to give the Abrams’ films some friendly competition. This past May he spoke about wanting to pitch a “Captain Worf” project that could be either a TV movie or direct-to-DVD release, and Dorn says the project has “gotten traction.” Does this mean we might really see Worf back on a Starfleet bridge at some point?

The last we’d heard of this theoretical Worf movie was this past May, during an interview with TrekMovie. Dorn described his Captain Worf idea as being less ambitious and on a smaller budget than a bigscreen goliath like Abrams’ Trek movies. His project would have the Klingon commanding a Starfleet vessel, “out there in the front lines basically chasing terrorists.” While he said that other well-known Trek characters could do cameos, it would mostly focus on new characters, which would help keep the budget under control.

Speaking to TrekNews last week, Dorn was optimistic but vague: