Michael Dorn’s Captain Worf Star Trek Series Gets Support From Another Cast Member

While Michael Dorn seems to be moving on, another cast member is now speaking up for a Worf Star Trek show.

By Faith McKay | Published

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Michael Dorn has actually been working on a Klingon Star Trek show for years. As recently as six months ago, he was discussing the scripts he had written years ago and the many people in the Star Trek world he’d talked to about the project. He’s played Worf in a total of 282 projects for the franchise. That should speak to some fan demand and likability for both the character and the actor. If the franchise wants to go somewhere new for fans, a show following a Klingon ship would make sense, or at least, it seemed that way to Dorn. Recently though, he’s stopped talking about it. He’s been doing interviews but talking about other things. Now though, a new advocate for a show starring Worf is on the scene.

Marina Sirtis played Deana Troi alongside Michael Dorn. She says he’s her best friend. She also says that a Klingon show just makes sense. After saying that a show centered on Worf should be where Star Trek goes next, she dived right into making her case for it.

First of all, he’s a really popular character. And it’s never been done before – to have it about the Klingon Empire instead of the Federation with the Klingons as like, recurring. Have it be about the Klingon Empire and how they deal with stuff. I think it would be great. And although I would hardly be in it – I think I might be in it because Michael Dorn’s my best friend – I wouldn’t mind because I think it would be a really good idea.

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Even with Marina Sirtis now speaking up, Michael Dorn saying he has scripts written, and a Klingon show holding so much appeal, there’s a lot of reasons to believe that a Worf show won’t happen. One of the biggest is that Dorn says he hasn’t even been contacted about the possibility of an appearance on Picard season two. That’s just strange. Many other characters will be on the show centered on Jean-Luc Picard, including Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan), Guinan (Whoopi Goldberg), and Q (John De Lancie).

Michael Dorn is still acting. He has a new science-fiction movie on Amazon Prime, Agent Revelation. He’s been an active player in promotion for his projects. The actor has openly talked a lot in interviews about his passion for a Worf show, making the idea and his own willingness to return to the character a known thing. So why is it that he says no one from Star Trek is talking to him about the show? Or an appearance on Picard? What’s up with that? He’s talked a bit about wondering if he’s offended someone or if there is something personal happening in this situation. It sounds like it hurts his feelings, and it seems like he may have moved on. Marina Sirtis speaking up with some support for the show at this point seems like a kind gesture, but not like one that is likely to shift the needle.

Meanwhile, Michael Dorn seems to have moved on to his new idea: a western. Both him and Brent Spiner (Data, from TNG) are big fans of the genre. He’s written the script for a western that he’s shown to his manager and is now talking about it in interviews. His dream is to direct and star in a future project, possibly the western. While the western doesn’t seem to be off the ground yet, he has said that he hopes to get many people from Star Trek involved in this new project and bring fans over to something new.

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