Worf Star Trek Spinoff In The Works, And Will Include Picard Character?

By Jeffrey Rapaport | Published

Trekkies and Worf fans (is there a difference?) struggle to remain calm in light of Michelle Hurd’s interview with Star Trek Explorer magazine (via TrekMovie). In the interview, Michelle Hurd— who plays Raffi Musiker in Star Trek: Picard—implied the possibility of a spinoff series exploring the dynamic between her own character and Worf, played memorably by Michael Dorn

Raffi And Worf Series?

Of course, this teased, intriguing possibility comes on the heels of Star Trek: Picard wrapping its third, final season. The curtain falling on Season Three can’t help but spark discussions among fans and creatives alike, both asking: what comes next for the franchise? 

If Hurd’s interview forecasts the future, a new series committed solely to her and Dorn’s characters could be the horizon. As Hurd reflected during her interview, the third season of Star Trek: Picard saw Raffi and Worf joining forces.

Their teaming up was born out of s mission to reverse the Changeling scheme against the Federation—and their partnership elated both fans and the actor herself. 

Character Chemistry


Hurd went so far as to emphasize the organic chemistry and collaboration enjoyed between herself and Dorn on set, conveying excitement at the prospect of furthering their on-screen dynamism in a future project. 

Asked about the next steps, Hurd revealed palpable enthusiasm for another chapter of the adventure with Star Trek’s first Klingon main character. She expressed keen interest in delving deeper into the Worf/Raffi narrative, advancing a spinoff that, in her eyes, could offer a platform for their unique, resonant dynamic. 

Michael Dorn And Michelle Hurd


Hurd gushed about working with Dorn—calling him an “absolute gift.”

She admitted that even the writers could never have known how successful their bond would be, opining that, upon observing it, the series’s writer’s room embraced their chemistry. And Hurd felt like a Trekkie herself on set with Dorn. 

“Honestly, she said, “from the moment I first met Michael, I was giddy–of course, because it’s Michael Dorn.”

Diversity In Star Trek

star trek worf

One significant aspect of Hurd’s stance is her emphasis on representation in media and the impact of seeing diversity on screen. The actor underscored the significance of a culturally and socially relevant pairing between Worf and Raffi for a standalone series. 

Moreover, a spinoff dedicated to the two would present new, exciting storytelling possibilities. Fans are understandably eager to see where the sci-fi franchise heads next, following the conclusion of Picard. 

A series focusing on the beloved human and Klingon would mean a welcomed, fresh perspective on Stark Trek while furthering its rich narrative tradition. 

Worf In Star Trek

worf series star trek michael dorn

The first of his species to join Starfleet and a pivotal character in the Star Trek universe, Worf was born on Qo’noS and orphaned at a young age. He was raised by human parents Sergey and Helena Rozhenko on Earth.

His dual heritage lent him a unique perspective, defining his character throughout his time on the USS Enterprise-D in both The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine. 

Worf On The Enterprise

star trek pluto worf

Played brilliantly by Dorn, the Klingon raised by humans struggled with his identity and difficulties adhering to a strict code of honor.

He endeavored to reconcile these obstacles with his duties on Enterprise-D. 

As of now speculative, the prospect of a Picard spinoff is nonetheless immensely exciting. Given Hurd’s enthusiasm and the crystal clear chemistry between herself and Dorn/Worf, we can only hope the standalone series gets green-lit.