Star Trek’s Michael Dorn Isn’t The Only One Pitching A Worf Spinoff

A new Star Trek pitch for a Worf spinoff series has been revealed. This time, it isn't from Michael Dorn.

By Faith McKay | Published

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Michael Dorn has been talking about his Worf spinoff series idea for years. It’s more than just a concept. He wrote scripts for a show centered on Klingon characters. While those scripts are likely dated now, they’re still a starting ground that the actor has talked about. Part of the idea surrounding the series was that so far, we’ve always seen the Klingons from the Starfleet perspective. In the actor’s series starring Worf, audiences would get to see Starfleet through the lens of a Klingon perspective. Audiences would also get to see the Klingon’s from the inside, through the perspective of Michael Dorn’s character that audiences already know and love. Fans have reacted strongly to the idea that would expand the Star Trek universe, despite it remaining in the background for years.

Apparently, Graham Wagner also thinks a Worf spinoff is a great idea. Wagner has worked as a writer on shows like Silicon Valley and Portlandia. Recently, Alex Kurtzman (the producer of Star Trek television series today) revealed that Graham Wagner pitched a Worf spinoff series of his own creation. Alex Kurtzman described the idea as “incredibly funny, poignant and touching” while speaking to The New York Times. Alez Kurtzman didn’t share details of what the pitch included, beyond saying that it was funny and touching. Was it a project he might be adding to the schedule? Is there a future for this idea? Would Michael Dorn play Worf in this pitched spinoff? Are they talking to Graham Wagner more about it? He didn’t share. It is interesting that he remarked on the idea, suggesting that it’s something on their radar at least.

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This comes at an interesting time. After years of Michael Dorn championing this idea he recently seemed to have put it aside. During some of his recent interviews, it has sounded like he has moved on from that possibility. Marina Sirtis, who played Deana Troi and is a close friend of Dorn’s, recently brought the idea up again. She pointed out that she felt it was a great idea and that Worf has long been a popular character. He’s appeared in many Star Trek shows and movies over the years. While Deana Troi may or may not appear in a Star Trek series surrounding Klingons, she suggested that she felt the show should be made.

While it’s promising that Alex Kurtzman mentioned that a Worf spinoff has been pitched, it’s also concerning that Michael Dorn wasn’t really discussed in this new idea. Kurtzman shared that the new pitch was funny, which sounds very different from the actor’s proposed series. Would Michael Dorn want to be part of a new Star Trek series centered on his character if it wasn’t the spinoff idea he wrote himself? These days, the actor has been appearing in other sci-fi projects and moving forward. While he’s been passionate about Star Trek and appeared in many shows and films, it’s hard to say whether he’d want to come back now. Hopefully, Kurtzman mentioning this will mean that there’s still some hope for the Worf spinoff concept.

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