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  • First Console: 1977
  • Versions: 7

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wind waker rewritten

Wind Waker Has Been Completely Rewritten

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker recently turned twenty and now it turns out it has been completely rewritten.

2 years ago

star wars the acolyte

New Star Wars Game Announced from Marvel and Lord of The Rings Game Designer

There are a host of different Star Wars games being developed currently, but a new one is on its way from developers that have worked on Marvel and Lord of the Rings.

2 years ago

assassin's creed

Assassin’s Creed Is Celebrating Its 15-Year Anniversary In A Bizarre Way

Assassin’s Creed is turning 15 years old, and Ubisoft has been creating plenty of updates in celebration, including a bizarre new product release.

2 years ago

mario kart 8

See The Hilarious Update For One Of The Best Mario Kart 8 Tracks

Nintendo listened to the public and added a new function to an obstacle for one of the best tracks in Mario Kart 8. This new obstacle is sure to cause some hilarious problems.

2 years ago

dead by daylight

Dead By Daylight Adds The Best Resident Evil Villain

Dead by Daylight is once again partnering with Resident Evil to bring in a brand-new killer, but this time it is arguably the best villain in the franchise.

2 years ago

hogwarts legacy

See How Customization Works in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is meant to expand the world of Harry Potter, giving players a chance to take on the life of a student at Hogwarts, and now we can see how customization works.

2 years ago

legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2

Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Is Launching Co-Op, See The First Gameplay

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild finally has a co-op mode, but there likely will be some difficulties with it very soon.

2 years ago


How Roblox Planned to Cater To Chinese Censorship Revealed

Roblox had to appeal to the strict Chinese censorship demands to allow the game to enter the country’s market, and those censorship requirements have been detailed.

2 years ago


Ubisoft Just Announced More Bad News for Fans

Ubisoft was recently in trouble because of issues with Steam, and now the gaming company has announced several cancelations.

2 years ago

star fox

New Star Fox Game On Its Way?

Nintendo has been quietly developing a brand-new Star Fox game. This new game is going to allegedly bring in old and new elements in a soft reboot.

2 years ago

fall guys

Fall Guys Developers Send An Oddly Sexual Gift To Players For Free

The Fall Guys developers have come under scrutiny after a new bug has caused random in-game purchases for players, and now they have apologized with an odd sexual gift.

2 years ago

skate 4

Skate 4 Announced With A Completely Revamped Way To Play The Game

Skate 4 has finally been announced, but EA has shocked the world by changing up the way the new sequel is going to be played for the foreseeable future.

2 years ago

Nintendo smash world tour

Nintendo Switch Owners Issued Warning From Nintendo

Nintendo has issued a warning to owners of their popular Switch game device and it looks like things might get heated.

2 years ago

kirby party game

See The New Kirby Party Game That Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch

A brand-new Kirby party game is set to be released on the Nintendo Switch, which has taken some deep inspiration from games like Fall Guys.

2 years ago


Ubisoft Removing Games and DLC Even If You Own Them

Ubisoft might have some answering to do, after it has been found out that the company is removing purchased games and DLC from players that purchased the game.

2 years ago

hideo kojima

Hideo Kojima Threatens Legal Action After Being Linked To An Assassination

In one of the strangest occurrences, Hideo Kojima and his production company have threatened legal action against people linking the man to an assassination.

2 years ago

mario kart 9

Super Mario Kart Was Almost Called Something Horrible

Sometimes getting a name right can make or break a product. The original Super Mark Kart was nearly called an awful name that might not have worked out.

2 years ago

video games

The Video Game Recession Is On The Way

The pandemic saw massive growth in those wanting to play video games, however, recent data is showing that a video game recession is now on the way.

2 years ago

fire emblem heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes Has Achieved A Massive Record

Fire Emblem Heroes can now count itself among the most successful mobile games alongside games like PubG, as the game has achieved a massive record.

2 years ago


Bethesda Has Hired Modders Who Improved Their Most Popular Game

Bethesda is doing things right, as it has been announced the gaming giant has hired some modders who created a fantastic look mod for the most popular game.

2 years ago

sly cooper

The Fate Of Sly Cooper Has Been Decided

Sucker Punch has been busy developing their games, one being the massively succesful Ghost of Tsushima, which has led to the ultimate decision on Sly Cooper.

2 years ago

sonic origins

Is Sonic Origins In Trouble?

Sonic Origins has officially been released, but there have been rumblings of poor output, and that was reiterated by the game’s developers recently.

2 years ago

elden ring hogwarts legacy

The Next FromSoftware Game Is Almost Finished?

FromSoftware might still be working on Elden Ring, but the company is hinting at the fact that its newest entry might be close to finished.

2 years ago

michael jackson

Michael Jackson Confirmed To Have Worked On An Iconic Video Game Soundtrack

It has now been confirmed that Michael Jackson was part of composing the music for one of the most iconic video games ever made.

2 years ago

star wars knights of the old republic

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II Has A Massive Problem On The Switch

Fans were elated to hear that Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II had been released on the Nintendo Switch, however, there is now a game-breaking bug attached to the game.

2 years ago

capcom dragon's dogma 2

One Of The Best RPGs Is Finally Getting A Sequel

During a livestream event that took place yesterday, Capcom had announced that a long awaited sequel for one of the best RPGs is finally happening.

2 years ago

tmnt: shredder's revenge

TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge Will Launch Without An Important Element

TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge has dropped, and has some good reviews, but its missing an important element that may stay gone.

2 years ago

prince of persia

The Prince of Persia Remake Is In Even Bigger Trouble

The Prince of Persia remake has steadily been getting worse news every time an update has been provided, and now the game seems to be in even more trouble.

2 years ago


Nintendo Will Not Be Attending The Biggest Game Convention

Well that’s unexpected.

2 years ago

pokemon netflix pikachu

Pokemon Is Shutting Down One Of Its Biggest Games

Pokemon is one of the biggest game franchises on the planet, and one of the entries in the huge franchise is now being shut down.

2 years ago