New Star Wars Game Announced from Marvel and Lord of The Rings Game Designer

There are a host of different Star Wars games being developed currently, but a new one is on its way from developers that have worked on Marvel and Lord of the Rings.

By Jason Collins | Published

star wars game

Following EA’s loss of exclusive rights to the Star Wars gaming franchise (though EA lost more than just that), the Star Wars gaming announcements started springing up like mushrooms after rain, with numerous giants of the gaming industry announcing their takes on one of the world’s most iconic franchises. Ubisoft, Quantic Dream, and even Electronic Arts all announced new Star Wars titles; Fantasy Flight Games just announced that they too are working on an SW game designed by an iconic game designer.

According to, the newly announced Star Wars game, titled Star Wars Deck-Building Game, is being designed by Caleb Grace, one of the lead game designers credited with Marvel Champions: The Card Game and Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, and it’s currently scheduled to release in 2023. No other details were disclosed about the announced game at this time, except that it will be a competitive PVP-style card game rather than a co-op card game, which is quite refreshing to know.

With that said, this announcement of the Star Wars card game developed by Fantasy Flight Games isn’t all that surprising, considering that the company was previously regarded as one of the premier makers of Star Wars tabletop games. Admittedly, most of its biggest sellers were transferred to other game studios over the past few years, while the company shifted its focus towards card games. That means we shouldn’t expect anything of a lower quality than Arkham Horror: The Card Game and Marvel Champions: The Card Game — both of which are exceptional.

As previously stated, the upcoming Star Wars game is set out to become a different type of card game, at least based on what we’ve learned so far. Both Arkham Horror: The Card Game and Marvel Champions: The Card Game are co-op games, but Star Wars Deck-Building Game is designed as a competitive game rather than the one built around ever-expanding card sets and in-game narratives. What exactly that entails remains shrouded in mystery, but we’re likely to learn more as we approach the game’s release date.

To tease the game’s arrival, the company unveiled the SW game’s box art with stunning depictions of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader on the cover. Both characters continue to play vital roles in the franchise’s cinematic and gaming aspects, appearing in various releases, ranging from The Mandalorian and Ashoka to the Obi-Wan Kenobi series. Despite Disney milking the franchise dry, it’s actually a great time to be a Star Wars fan.

When it comes to other Star Wars game news, the long-awaited Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic has been postponed indefinitely, with some suggesting a 2025 release window. The last we heard about Quantic Dream’s SW game was that the studio has issues adapting the game engine, and Respawn Entertainment is working on several Star Wars games simultaneously, including the Jedi: Fallen Order 2. Unfortunately, details about the upcoming Star Wars Deck-Building Game are still scarce, but we’ll keep the readership updated as new information becomes available.