Dead By Daylight Adds The Best Resident Evil Villain

Dead by Daylight is once again partnering with Resident Evil to bring in a brand-new killer, but this time it is arguably the best villain in the franchise.

By Jason Collins | Published

dead by daylight

Rumors pertaining to the crossover between Resident Evil and Dead by Daylight became a bit more credible thanks to a new set of leaked assets pointing towards introducing three classic RE characters. It was previously suspected that Project W, the crossover’s internal name, would add one of three iconic RE characters, and now we learned that Rebecca Chambers, Ada Wong, and Albert Wesker are all joining Fortnite’s long-lost and slightly deranged spiritual relative.

As reported by Destructoid, all three characters were revealed during Behaviour Interactive’s look-ahead showcase of an upcoming update called Resident Evil: Project W. Of course, Wesker, the Mastermind, is taking on the role of Killer, while two aforementioned heroines are joining the roster of Survivor characters — part of the crew that’s trying to evade the Killer and survive the encounter — while trying to help others out. However, it’s worth pointing out that evading a super-virus infected Wesker isn’t likely going to be an easy task.

Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers won’t be alone either; they’re joining an existing cast of Resident Evil characters, like Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine, as well as the Nemesis. The same update added the Racoon City Police Station, so one can expect quite a few Resident Evil characters to visit Dead by Daylight in the future. This is quite exciting news for the fans of both horror franchises, despite the lack of an official release date.

For those that are impatient to try out new Dead by Daylight content, the Hooked On You spin-off just released, starring numerous killers from the mainline franchise. The spin-off, however, doesn’t involve running away from the horrifically lethal opponents but running towards them. There’s no actual combat involved either, just romance and smooches. That’s right, Hooked On You is a Dead By Daylight dating sim which allows gamers to romance their favorite Dead By Daylight killer. As if the game wasn’t unsettling enough.

Coincidentally, a new progression system was recently added to Dead By Daylight as well, following weeks of testing on public servers. The mid-chapter update went live just a few weeks ago and introduced a list of buffs for the Killers, as well as a reworked perk system, which aims to make the “fairer” for all players by making it easier to level up characters and unlock all the perks. To main aim of this system, however, isn’t the increased survivability but to make the game easier for players experimenting with different character builds.

Interestingly, Behaviour Interactive added that the new progression system doesn’t remove any existing perks, items, or cosmetics that were previously unlocked — even if having them contradicts the rules imposed by the new progression system. But, considering that Killers were also buffed, we’re all arguably back to square one. The Dead By Daylight developer also announced a few other projects, like build-and-defend and raid-and-steal Meet Your Maker. As for Project W, the exact release date is still unknown, but it’s safe to assume that it’s coming soon.

Dead By Daylight is currently available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Stadia, Android, iOS, and PC.