Dead By Daylight Is Adding An Extremely Odd Simulation To The Game, See The First Look

By Jason Collins | 1 month ago

dead by daylight

Horror games, such as Amnesia, Alien Isolation, and Dead By Daylight, usually have players running away from the horrific villains of the game. Some, like the long-awaited remake of Alan Wake or perhaps the equally-anticipated remake of Dead Space, allow players to combat the horrific elements. However, after a surprise announcement from BeHaviour Interactive, players of Dead By Daylight will now run towards lethal killer opponents — giving them smooches. You can see the announcement trailer below:

After announcing a second Resident Evil cross-over chapter for Dead By Daylight, BeHaviour Interactive announced the development of Hooked On You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim — a spin-off in which gamers can romance their favorite Day By Daylight killers. According to a report published by IGN, the upcoming spin-off will give the Dead By Daylight fanbase something they always wanted, some of their favorite killers in a romantic setting, with plenty of steamy references, and lots of shirtless outfits.

Admittedly, romancing notorious killers from horror franchises may seem odd to casual observers unacquainted with Dead by Daylight, but the truth is that the video game’s fanbase has been notoriously thirsty over the game’s villains. The upcoming Hooked On You will take the players to a magical romance land called Murderer’s Island, where they get to romance one of the four Dead By Daylight killers: The Huntress, The Spirit, The Trapper, and The Wraith.

The announced Dead By Daylight spin-off will have several unique endings, wherein players get to become deeply intimate with the game’s killers — if they play their cards right, that is. If not, well, The Huntress wields an ax, so you probably get the picture. When asked about the possibility of adding more heroes to the visual novel game, BeHaviour Interactive’s Head of Partnership, Mathieu Cote, stated that the company had opened a box that Dead By Daylight’s gaming fans won’t let the company close.

How did this upcoming sim come into existence? Well, BeHaviour Interactive noticed that a large portion of Dead By Daylight’s fandom is obsessing over how good some characters look. The company ran a survey asking whether there’s any other type of experience within the DBD universe that the fans would be interested in, and apparently, dating killers was a top choice. Cote actually admitted that the idea immediately prompted funny looks at the company meetings before everyone realized just how genius it actually was.

To be entirely honest, the company changed several things about the killers to better fit the upcoming Dead By Daylight spin-off. The Trapper is now sporting a form-fitting singlet swimsuit showing bits of anatomy that would give Street Fighter’s Ryu a run for his money. The ax-wielding Huntress now sports a herculean biceps, which means that Resident Evil’s Lady Dimitrescu apparently has competition now. The Wraith is sporting a Hawaiian button-up shit and a matching swim trunk, and The Spirit wears a silk kimono paired with an elegant black hat and a seductive gaze.

Of course, fans immediately began making noise and fan-casting additional heroes for the game, mentioning Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head and numerous other horror game villains, including the aforementioned lady vampire. Dead By Daylight dating sim video game is set to release this summer on Steam.