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Don’t want to pay for a streaming service? For those of us who need to hold on to our dollars, there are choices. You don’t have to pay. Streaming services that provide movies online for free do exist.

These services host great free movies online and they are totally legal to watch. A mix of newer films and iconic classics, there are plenty of movies to choose from. These are our picks for the best free movies available online now.

The Terminator

Free movie The Terminator
Critical Consensus: 100% Positive

Conan the Barbarian may have opened eyes when it came to Arnold Schwarzenegger, but 1984s The Terminator put him on the map as one of the biggest action stars to fill the silver screen.

James Cameron (Avatar, Titanic) cast Arnie as our favorite cyborg, on a mission from the future to kill Sarah Connor, the mother of a future leader. Thankfully, Kyle Reese has also been sent back from the future to protect her.

Paul Attanasio from the Washington Post says of The Terminator, “A slickly made, shoot-’em-up sci-fi fantasia, it stands for the proposition that, inside the most staid local theater, there is a drive-in yearning to be free.”

Shaun The Sheep            

Shaun the Sheep movie free online
Critical Consensus: 99% Positive

This highly-touted and highly-rated stop motion animation movie balances wit and heart. Shaun finds himself in a bit of trouble when he decides to have some fun, taking the day off. But his plans go awry when his trick to get the farmer to go back to bed backfires and the farmer ends up rolling away into the city.

Shaun now has to follow, unknowingly with the rest of the flock following. It is up to Shaun to help save the farmer and get the flock safely back to the farm.

In one of the many positive reviews, Liz Braun of the Toronto Sun said, “Shaun The Sheep is suitable entertainment for anyone who likes to laugh out loud.”

It Happened One Night

Clark Gable online
Critical Consensus: 98% Positive

This free movie one goes in the way back machine. 1934 to be exact and the screwball comedy stars Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert.

Frank Capra directed this rom-com about a spoiled heiress who married a scheming man, much to her father’s dismay. The father attempts to take her away from her new husband by his yacht but she jumps ship, swimming to the shore. There she falls in with a newspaper reporter who makes a deal with her.

If she gives him an exclusive story, he will help her reunite with her husband. Sparks fly.

Christy Lemire via her own website says of this classic, “It’s all about the snappy dialogue and simmering tension between these hugely charismatic stars.”

Being Evel

Sundance Movie
Critical Consensus: 97% Positive

Nope, that is not a misspelling. This free movie is the story of Evel Knievel, the 1970s motorcycle daredevil.

The movie takes viewers on a ride behind the scenes of a career that saw Knievel make 75 ramp-to-ramp motorcycle jumps that also saw him break every single bone in his body. The film is unflinching as it also looks at the man himself, and just what type of a man he was under his cape.

Tom Long of the Detroit News says it all in his review, “’Being Evel’ treads a fine line, making it clear that its subject was a heroic symbol of his times and a clear sports innovator while also acknowledging – and there’s no getting around this – that the guy was a huge jerk.”

Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Zombie movie
Critical Consensus: 97% Positive

George Romero started our love affair with zombies in his 1968 classic, Night of the Living Dead. The movie didn’t have any big-name stars and was shot on a tiny budget and in black and white.

Romero not only directed but co-write, shot and edit the film. The film tells the story of a group of survivors hiding in a farmhouse and fighting off a horde of zombies.

It’s a gruesome film for its time and the black and white only adds to the horror. It is a cult classic and while it may not carry the gore factor of today’s films, it is quite an effective piece of filmmaking and it’s free online.

Steve Rose of the Guardian is one of the film’s many admirers. “Romero conjures moments of eeriness and dread throughout, keeping the lighting low and the special effects to a minimum, though there will be blood, fire, cannibalism and a great deal of death.”

In The Line Of Fire

Free Clint Eastwood Movie Online
Critical Consensus: 96% Positive

Clint Eastwood joins our list of free movies online in one of his better performances as secret service agent Frank Horrigan assigned to protect the president. But Horrigan has a troubled past as he was hand-picked by John F. Kennedy and became one of the few secret service agents to lose a president to an assassination.

Now, his past is catching up as another madman is stalking the current president.

Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times relished Eastwood’s role, “Every part of this film trades so heavily on Eastwood’s presence that it is impossible to imagine it with anyone else in the starring role.”

  • The era of pirated movies is over. It’s no longer necessary to steal movies to watch them for free. Free movies are everywhere online, and you can watch them legally. Don’t be a pirate, don’t break the law. Watch these free movies online instead.

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