1990s Dark Sci-Fi Post-Apocalypse Superhero Cyberpunk Spectacle At Its Best, Stream The Director’s Cut Right Now

By Matthew Flynn | Published

Tubi has emerged as a pivotal streaming service for indulging in obscure genre movies for free. One such genre is tokusatsu, a popular Japanese film genre that blends classic storytelling with innovative special effects, dramatic battle scenes, and jaw-dropping monsters. Among the vast universe of Japanese tokusatsu films, Mechanical Violator Hakaider holds a special place for viewers who appreciate an intricate blend of action, science fiction, and dystopia.

Welcome To Jesus Town

As the story unfolds, we are introduced to a post-apocalyptic world called Jesus Town. The chilling name is a fitting emblem of the cold authoritarian regime masked uneasily behind the mirage of a peaceful utopia. The seemingly benign ruler, Gurjev, is a character whose robotic calmness only adds to the growing sense of malevolence. The citizens, under the conditioning of memory control, live in oblivious tranquility, oblivious to their own subjugation.

Enter Hakaider, the titular mechanical violator, an anarchic cyborg with a rebellious spirit. He embodies chaos and rouses rebellion in this oppressive world. He is no traditional hero, but as the narrative progresses, Hakaider is revealed to be a fascinatingly complex character, making him both intriguing and unforgettable.

A Dark Sci-Fi Setting Made Popular In The ’90s

The 1995 film is a visual treat, offering a rich palette of gothic settings and stark contrasts, echoing the dystopian themes. The graphics bear a distinct 90’s sci-fi flavor, which adds a charming vintage layer to the viewing experience.

An Android Kikaider Spinoff Movie

Mechanical Violator Hakaider was a spin-off of the show Android Kikaider, which originally aired from 1972 to 1973. The 43-episode program was one of the first tokusatsu series to air in the US, where it was titled Kikaida: Android of Justice.

The term “Kikaider,” which translates loosely to “Machine Human,” gives a hint to the central plot of the series. It is essentially a story of an android named Jiro. Created by the genius scientist Dr. Komyoji, Jiro is programmed to use his abilities to protect humanity.

How Android Kikaider Stands Out From Other Tokusatsu Series

Jiro’s human-like qualities are a central theme in Android Kikaider, which sets it apart from many tokusatsu series of its time. He is equipped with a conscience circuit, the Gemini system, which allows him to discern between good and evil, providing a narrative that delves into questions of morality and human nature.

Android Kikaider’s plot revolves around Jiro’s battle with DARK (Destructive Androids Reconstructed for Karnage), an evil organization hell-bent on world domination. To combat these foes, Jiro has the ability to ‘transform’ into Kikaider, a more powerful, battle-ready android. Hakaider was an antagonist in the show, before being reimagined as an anti-hero in his own movie.

The Hakaider Video Game

Following the Hakaider movie, a video game was released for the Sega Saturn, which allowed fans to immerse themselves in the dystopian world interactively. The game echoed the film’s dark themes, confronting players with a despotic regime to overthrow.

Playing as Hakaider, gamers had the opportunity to explore Jesus Town and the narrative world in depth, bringing the film’s confrontational spirit and rebellion into their living rooms. The game provided fans an opportunity to engage with the world of Mechanical Violator Hakaider in an entirely new dimension.

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