The 2000s Dark R-Rated Sci-Fi Fantasy Mystery Epic No One Even Remembers, Stream Without Netflix Right Now

By Charlene Badasie | Published

The 2008 British science fantasy film Franklyn is available to stream on Tubi. Written and directed by Gerald McMorrow, it stars Eva Green, Ryan Phillippe, Sam Riley, and Bernard Hill. The story revolves around Emilia, a troubled artist, Milo, who was dumped by his fiancé, Jonathan Preest, a mysterious vigilante, and Peter, an elderly man grieving the loss of his son.

Ryan Phillippe As The Vigilante

Franklyn begins in Meanwhile City, where Jonathan Preest (Ryan Phillippe) takes on the role of a vigilante, opposing the enforced religious beliefs that control a troubled society. As the only atheist surrounded by believers, Preest’s fight for justice becomes personal when his enemy, The Individual, kidnaps a young girl.

Eva Green’s Emilia

At the same time, Emilia (Eva Green), an art student in London, struggles with her inner demons. Her art becomes intertwined with Peter (Bernard Hill), who desperately searches for his son, David, who is haunted by war trauma. Preest’s search for the kidnapped girl leads him through the dark corners of Meanwhile City, where betrayal hides at every turn.  

Seeking revenge, he plans a daring scheme involving his informant, Wormsnake, and a sniper’s post, determined to face The Individual on his own terms. Emilia’s journey in Franklyn takes a dark path as she explores the lives of strangers, including Milo (Sam Riley), who copes with heartbreak through an imaginary childhood friend.

Peter’s quest brings him to Emilia’s door, leading to a fateful confrontation. Meanwhile, David, tormented by his past and disillusioned by his father’s beliefs, descends into madness. As the story unfolds, tragedy strikes and exposes some harsh realities. As the dust settles, the remaining characters in Franklyn begin to rebuild their lives, forging a new path from the ruins of the past.

Franklyn’s Reviews Are Mixed

Franklyn received mixed reviews from critics. While some praised its ambitious storytelling and visual style, others criticized its convoluted plot and uneven pacing. The performances, particularly Eva Green’s portrayal of Emilia, received positive feedback. Audience reactions were similarly mixed. Some appreciated the film’s unique narrative, while others found it confusing.

The movie had a budget of £6 million, with £1 million of that coming from the UK Film Council’s Premiere Fund. Filming started in September 2007, in and around London, and wrapped up by December of the same year. Filming also took place at an East End bar and Greenwich Naval College, where most of the computer-generated imagery scenes were filmed.

Franklyn Drew Inspirations From Graphic Novels

Franklyn’s distinctive visual style was influenced by graphic novels and comic books, with each storyline featuring a different aesthetic. Eva Green’s character, Emilia, wears elaborate costumes and masks throughout the film, reflecting her role as an artist and the theme of identity. The film’s soundtrack features an eclectic mix of music, including tracks by artists like Radiohead and Nick Cave.

Stream Franklyn For Free

Franklyn premiered at the BFI London Film Festival in October 2008. It received a limited theatrical release in the United Kingdom in February 2009. The film did not achieve significant box office success, as its unconventional story and dark tone may have limited its mainstream appeal. However, it has gained a cult following among fans of indie and alternative cinema.