Walking Dead Rap Battles And Weird Japanese Promos

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

Along with Mad Men, The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad are the shows that put AMC on the map. They took a channel you scrolled past unless they were showing a movie you liked, and transformed it into a network that’s one of the premiere players in the TV renaissance we’re in the midst of. And okay, so The Walking Dead isn’t nearly as good on its best day as Breaking Bad was on its worst, but then again Breaking Bad didn’t have a revolving door for its showrunners. Either way, there’s got to be some sort of head-to-head competition where The Walking Dead might actually have a shot at defeating Breaking Bad. Howzabout a rap battle?

“I’ve seen Walter Jr. handle walkers better than you.” Yes, the lyrical masterminds behind Epic Rap Battles of History are back, and this time they’re pitting The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes against Breaking Bad’s “Heisenberg,” Walter White. They’re the same folks who have previously set Bill Gates against Steve Jobs, Einstein against Stephen Hawking, and Doc Brown against The Doctor. They don’t disappoint with this latest battle, even though it’s left up to us to decide who won. (It was Walter.)

Okay, sure, Rick could easily take Walter in physical combat, and he could probably outshoot him, but Walter’s too clever to let it get that far. He’d just fill Rick’s hat with explosives or trick him into a room filled with hungry walkers. But there are some similarities between Rick and Walter. Their leadership has a tendency to get people killed and/or rain misery on everyone around them. They spend more time than is healthy feeling sorry for themselves. They both have young sidekicks along for their adventures, but we actually liked Jesse. (Here, Carl, we bought you some brain-scented deodorant.) As far as the rap battle goes, Walter takes it home with that brutal last line about Shane.


While we’re tossing out amusing Walking Dead videos, how about a pair of surreal Japanese promos for the show? Because apparently if you want to appeal to Japanese audiences, you have to dress your actors up in kimonos I guess?

Fun fact: that promo also includes a cameo by Carl’s only fan.

I’ll be honest, I’ve got no freaking clue what we’re supposed to take away from this next one. Other than that Rick and Daryl are never too busy killing walkers that they don’t have time for a tea break. And then it turns into a gag reel for some reason.

I think the Japanese may be getting an entirely different Walking Dead over there, and I kind of want to see it now.