The Walking Dead Promos Give Us A Look At The Next Episode, “Us”

By Rudie Obias | 7 years ago

The Grove” was a very chilling episode of The Walking Dead that shows that the series writers are still willing to take the show to very dark places. In “The Grove,” everything has consequences and no one is safe. Now we wait to see how The Walking Dead will follow up the gut-punch it gave us last night.

Spoilers for last night’s Walking Dead!

The promo above highlights a few scenes from next week’s episode, entitled “Us.” We have a feeling that everyone will come together at the end of the railroad track, “Terminus,” but it seems that “Us” will involve Glenn, Tara, Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene’s path intersecting with Daryl’s new group of renegades. With only two more episodes until the end of season four, these last few episodes have to count before The Walking Dead goes on hiatus for seven months.

AMC also released two sneak-peek videos for next week’s episode. The first one, which is most likely the first scene from “Us,” features Abraham and Tara keeping watch while the rest of the group sleeps. Abraham is concerned that Tara hasn’t slept in a few days, as he also clues in to the fact that Tara is a lesbian. The next clip, which premiered on AMC’s Talking Dead post-show, shows Daryl getting into a conflict with a member of the group he has joined, which is made up of bad men looking to do bad things. It seems that Daryl used to be a man like this before he became a key member in Rick’s group, so it’s going to be interesting to see if he’ll revert back to his old ways.

The cable network also released two new behind-the-scenes videos that feature Lizzie and her sister Mika, and how Lizzie took a dark path to insanity. Carol was determined to teach these young girls how to survive in the zombie apocalypse, but in the long run it wasn’t enough.

The next video shows Lizzie and Mika coming across a herd of roaming zombies that have emerged from a recent forest fire. The zombies are heavily burnt, but they’re still lumbering along, trying to find their next meal. The scene itself provided some zombie action, as “The Grove” was decidedly more character driven than action oriented. First-time director Michael E. Satrazemis says the biggest challenge was working with child actors Brighton Sharbino (Lizzie) and Kyla Kenedy (Mika). While their acting in “The Grove” was a bit annoying at times, overall it was an effective and jaw-dropping episode.

The Walking Dead will air “Us” on Sunday, March 23, on AMC. Last night’s most talked about scene was the one where Carol and Tyreese make a horrific discovery that Lizzie killed her sister Mika.

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