Star Trek Into Darkness Already Available For Pre-Order On Amazon

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

star trek into darkness limited edition gift setAlthough Star Trek Into Darkness was just released in American theaters last Thursday, you can already pre-order the Blu-ray/DVD and a limited edition gift set of the Star Trek sequel film. Paramount Pictures has not released a street date for the Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray/DVD, but it’s most likely to hit stores and online retailers sometime in September or October of this year.

Paramount Pictures is giving Trek fans a few reasons to pick up Star Trek Into Darknesslimited edition gift set, which boasts a prop replica of the Starfleet Phaser pistol from the sequel film. Creative studio Quantum Mechanix Inc. will be producing the Phaser, which features a servo-powered spinner to instantly change intensity setting from “stun” to “kill.” Beware, there’s a HUGE SPOILER about Star Trek Into Darkness on QM’s website.

The Star Trek Into Darkness limited edition gift set retails for about $100, but it might be worth the price tag if you’re a big fan of the Star Trek sequel. The gift set comes with four format versions of the film itself: a 3D Blu-ray, a regular Blu-ray, a DVD, and a Digital Copy. As for the box art, it’s one of the movie posters from the film. It’s simple, but direct.

Honestly, I would wait for the trilogy box set that will eventually come out when Star Trek 3 is released (hopefully sometime in 2016), but the Starfleet Phaser pistol is worth the money, if only for the bragging rights that come along with the purchase. Check out the box art for Star Trek Into Darkness below:

star trek into darkness blu-ray

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