More Human Than Human: Our Picks For The Best Synthetic Partners To Watch Our Backs

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

BishopBishop (Aliens)
Androids in the Alien universe have a decidedly bad reputation, and they’ve come by it honestly. Just ask Ellen Ripley. During the events of the first Alien movie, her entire crew was killed thanks largely to the actions of Ash, secretly an android acting under orders from the Weyland-Yutani Corportation — orders which considered the crew of the Nostromo to be expendable at best. It’s no wonder Ripley didn’t want anything to do with Bishop at first, but he proved himself over and over again. He was never dishonest about what he was. He volunteered for a potentially deadly mission to try and secure Ripley and the others a way off LV-426. He came back for Ripley and Newt when he could have left them to die. No matter how untrustworthy pretty much every other android in the Alien universe might be, Bishop is dependable, loyal, and a definite asset if you’re stranded in a colony overrun by hostile xenomorphs. While he might not know much about law enforcement, a quick bit of reprogramming could fix that, and he’s the sort of guy who’ll save a little girl from being blown out into space, even after he’s recently been ripped in half. Plus, he can do that badass knife trick, which is great at parties. Just be forewarned: he does miss, every once in a while…

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