FBI Loses Showrunner After Season 6 On CBS

By TeeJay Small | Published

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Rick Eid will be stepping down from his position as showrunner of the hit CBS series FBI. Eid has led the show’s day-to-day operations since this iteration of FBI launched in 2018, in close collaboration with series executive producer Dick Wolf. According to Rick Eid, he wants to focus his efforts on Law & Order, where he has also served as a showrunner since 2022.

Eid Is A Veteran Wolf Showrunner

It can’t be easy managing the top-down structure of multiple shows at the same time, as exemplified by Dick Wolf’s choice to remain in the executive producer role in many of his creations. With Rick Eid departing the FBI series, the creative executive can now dedicate more of his focus on Law & Order. Eid previously served as the showrunner on multiple Wolf Entertainment programs, including Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, as well as Chicago P.D.

An Experienced TV Writer

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Before taking on the role of FBI series head, Eid held writing and producing credits on multiple Dick Wolf programs, including Law & Order: Trial By Jury, Conviction, and the two FBI sister series–FBI: Most Wanted and FBI: International. Clearly the writer has a long and storied career in and procedural drama writing, making him an excellent pick to lead any number of shows under the Wolf Entertainment banner. With his full attention on Law & Order, there’s no telling what kind of bone-chilling tales will be examined in the coming years.

The FBI Franchise Is Thriving

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Despite Eid’s exit, FBI has been renewed for an additional three seasons, with both Most Wanted and International receiving the same treatment. In a statement to the press, Rick Eid clarified that he felt like this was the perfect time to step away from the FBI series, allowing another showrunner to step up to the plate and helm the guaranteed three upcoming seasons. While there’s currently no word on who will take Eid’s place on FBI, Dick Wolf certainly has access to a wide array of capable writers who would be overjoyed to take on the responsibility.

New Law & Order Spinoffs On The Way?

One comment made by Rick Eid during the press conference has intrigued a number of die-hard Law & Order fans even more than the news that he would be stepping down from the FBI series. Eid specified that he intended to focus on Law & Order, while also helping to develop new projects, leading some fans to wonder if a new spinoff is currently in the works. Dick Wolf is currently listed as an executive producer of an upcoming 5-episode mini-series titled Homicide: Los Angeles, though no showrunner has been named for the project at this time.

Eid Isn’t Completely Gone From FBI

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As the FBI series carries on into future seasons, Rick Eid will still be attached in the role of executive producer, meaning his creative input will still be valued on a big picture level. This changing of the guard likely won’t represent major stylistic or thematic changes for casual viewers of any of the aforementioned shows, though super-fans may still be able to pick up on small cues along the way.

Source: Variety