Netflix Vampire Horror Mystery Anime Series Deserves More

By Nina Phillips | Published

vampire in the garden

Netflix’s original anime Vampire in the Garden doesn’t suffer from bad animation, weak world-building, or awful characters. The main problem was that the show just wasn’t given enough room to breathe. While I thought the series had potential, it was just so fast that it didn’t really have a chance to bloom. 

Vampire War

vampire in the garden

Vampire in the Garden is set in a world where vampires exist. For a long time, the two species lived together in relative peace. Now though, they’re at war with each other, and the two sides are willing to take it to the extreme to make sure the other is wiped out. 

Looking For Peace

vampire in the garden

However, not everyone is sure that war is the best option. Momo, a human soldier, and Fine, a vampire queen, want to leave war behind and find peace between humans and vampires.

When the two stumble across each other, they quickly form a bond and begin the hunt for a more peaceful life where they can be together without a war constantly trying to pull them apart. 

This short series had a lot of potential. The backgrounds alone made Vampire in the Garden worth a watch, with some serious detail even in snowy backdrops. The studio included all sorts of small details, such as how something like music, or lack of it, can completely change a civilization. 

Wit Studio

Additionally, along their journey, Momo and Fine come across hints of how different communities handled and viewed the war. They travel and have fun, but there’s something tense under the surface as well as stereotypes on both sides.

This Netflix anime had a pretty good premise and a great studio to back it up. Wit Studio was in charge of Vampire in the Garden, the same studio that made Attack on Titan.

While there was a lot of promise in the show, with interesting characters and a detailed world, there just wasn’t enough of the story to really make it stand out.

The Series Is Far Too Short

Vampire in the Garden only has five episodes. These aren’t long episodes either as they’re only 25 to 31 minutes apiece. This means that there’s a lot of information crammed into every scene, and it makes the story rather vague and complicated.

The story doesn’t have a chance to delve too much into the romance between Momo and Fine, the detailed history of the war and why it started, or even what the weapon the vampires use is and how they came up with it. 

In the end, it just feels like an appetizer. It’s delicious and whets your appetite, but it leaves you feeling hungry without more of a main course. The Vampire in the Garden had so much potential but ultimately fell short due to having only five episodes. 

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Even a couple more episodes would have allowed for much better pacing. Despite that, the series deserves credit for making the show as good as it is with great characters and dramatic moments in the little space it had.

For how short and unfinished the series felt, Vampire in the Garden did pretty well for itself. It has a 7.13 on My Anime List for the average score. If you want to give this short show a try for yourself and see what could have been done better, Vampire in the Garden is available to watch on Netflix as one of their original series.