Communicate With The Hutts Using This Star Wars Decoder Ring

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Don’t you miss decoder rings? Digging through cereal boxes, desperately searching for that cheap trinket; or ordering out of the back of a comic book, checking the mail every day for months, hoping it’s there, only to have it show up six months later after you forgot about it. That’s childhood right there.

Now you can recapture some of that lost glory of bygone days with this decoder ring that will help you translate Huttese. This is next best thing to an English-to-Hutt dictionary or a phrase book.

This will come in handy in your day-to-day dealings with Jabba and his folks. The Hutts are a nefarious bunch, so it will most likely behoove you to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into, and make sure you’re covered just in case you have to dump your load when your ship gets boarded. And not only will this translator ring be useful, but it looks much sturdier than the cereal box variety.

Hopefully this is a trend that we’ll see more of, kind of a throwback to old radio serials that would send similar charms to members of their fan clubs, and send them super-important secret messages in code during broadcasts. We all remember that scene in A Christmas Story, when the show uses messages to shill for a sponsor. What a disillusioning moment, another staple of childhood.

The ring comes with black and silver finishes, and retails for $13.99. Not a bad price for a tool that allows you to effectively communicate with giant, gross, worm-looking mobsters.

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