William Shatner Thinks Humans Are Too Dumb For Aliens To Visit

By Chad Langen | Updated

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During a House Oversight Committee hearing last week, three military whistleblowers, including Air Force veteran and former National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency member David Grusch, disclosed their firsthand encounters with secret government programs related to alien technology. Grusch claimed to have evidence of a secret alien space crash retrieval program and that he had been informed by credible intelligence officials that the US government had retrieved non-human craft along with the bodies of their pilots. As expected, numerous individuals are skeptical of these claims, including Star Trek star William Shatner, who finds them “ridiculous.”

“You mean, some highly intelligent being goes 10,000 light years with advanced technology, arrives here and hides? It doesn’t make any sense.”

William Shatner

As reported by Futurism, during a recent appearance on NewsNation, William Shatner expressed his views on the potential visitation of aliens to Earth. “You mean, some highly intelligent being goes 10,000 light years with advanced technology, arrives here and hides?” he stated. “It doesn’t make any sense.”

Continuing his remarks, William Shatner emphasized that if aliens were indeed undertaking the arduous journey to Earth, he finds it hard to believe they would choose to hide and turn it into a mere game of “peekaboo.”

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William Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek: The Original Series

Despite his personal yearning to uncover evidence of extraterrestrial life, he’s unconvinced that aliens have visited Earth. He firmly asserted that if they were indeed here, they would undeniably reveal their presence.

William Shatner’s Trip To Space

William Shatner’s remarks come after he took an 11-minute trip aboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket in 2021. While some passengers have paid nearly $30 million for a ticket to experience a suborbital space trip, Shatner had the privilege of flying as an honorary guest without having to spend a penny. Remarkably, at the age of 90, he became the oldest person to have ventured into space.

After his space trip, William Shatner made an appearance in last year’s documentary Tear in the Sky, directed by Caroline Cory. The film provides an unparalleled exploration of the UFO phenomenon, as a team of experts employs cutting-edge technology to try and capture enhanced footage of the UFOs recorded in 2004 near Catalina Island. Despite their efforts, the team ultimately fails to obtain any conclusive evidence.

Congress’ UFO Hearing

William Shatner’s recent interview on NewsNation coincides with lawmakers’ calls for increased transparency on UFO information. Last week’s hearing was held after David Grush went public in his assertions the United States had possessed UFOs since the 1930s, engaging in covert efforts to reverse-engineer them while orchestrating a disinformation campaign to withhold public disclosure.

He also disclosed information about colleagues who experienced physical injuries either after encountering UFOs or while working on them within secretive special access programs.

When not engaged in debunking claims of alien visitations on Earth, William Shatner dedicates his time to a new business venture. He is a member of the Space Crystals company, which creates crystals containing a person’s DNA and sends them to the moon. While he remains skeptical about the existence of extraterrestrial life, his involvement in this venture, his space trip, and his iconic role as Captain Kirk in the Star Trek franchise highlight his profound fascination with the universe.

Apart from his new business venture, William Shatner is poised to make an appearance in the television series Masters of the Universe: Revolution. The show follows Teela as she teams up with He-Man and the other Masters to rescue Eternia from the clutches of darkness. The series also features Melissa Benoist, Mark Hamill, and Chris Wood.