US Navy Patents Claim They Have The Power To Engineer The Fabric Of Reality

The US Navy is trying to keep up with our theoretical alien counterparts, getting approved for patents that sound like a sci-fi flick.

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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US Navy claims of bending the fabric of reality in some of their new inventions definitely sound like it is right out of a sci-fi movie pitch. But just because it sounds outlandish doesn’t mean the government and military aren’t giving it a try anyway. Recently, it came to light about some of the patents the US Navy has out there for new technology. From the descriptions, it has more of an advanced alien race vibe to it than your standard human technology. That’s what it is like barreling toward the future though. It means reality getting closer and closer to stuff we’ve only seen in the movies. 

This latest troll around US Navy patent documentation found some truly interesting ideas coming out of this arm of the military. Many of them have one man at their center of the idea, and that’s Dr. Salvatore Pais who’s worked for both the Navy and the US Air Force. They are (maybe playfully) being called the “UFO patents” and involve things like a compact fusion reactor, a high frequency gravitational wave generator, electromagnetic field components and even a hybrid aerospace-underwater craft. See what I mean? It feels like these are things Han Solo would yell over the bridge at Chewie in a Star Wars movie, and not something our military is in active development on.

In terms of bending the fabric of reality, this is the US Navy referring to that last patent involving the water/ space craft. Apparently, if developed this craft could have the ability to travel nearly anywhere in the universe. That could mean to the deepest depths of the ocean all the way out to the infinity of space. Dr. Pais wants to utilize fusion technology to accomplish some of these goals and would need the help of one of his other patents: a compact nuclear fusion reactor. 

ufo us navy

And before you think the US Navy is just blowing smoke with some of these patents, know that they’ve already tested a bunch of the different ideas. Some are even possibly functional. But there is also quite a bit of skepticism. Critics have said of the “Pais Effect” which hopes to control electromagnetic fields (among other things) is nothing but hocus-pocus not anywhere close to a possibility. Some have even said the idea of the UFO Patents is nothing more than a US military psy-op meant to throw other foreign governments off about where the US is putting its military resources. 

If the idea of the US Navy UFO patents is hitting a little harder recently, it makes sense. UFOs have been all the rage with multiple “sightings” over the last couple of weeks and the government continuing to release information they’ve compiled over the years. So maybe we can take a little solace if we believe our government is working to be prepared if there’s ever first alien contact. Because those suckers will, for sure, be prepared. From my point of view, we will need all of the firepower we can get, reality-bending technology and all.