UFO Hotspot Revealed In Declassified Documents

Ever wonder where the most reported UFO sightings have occurred so you know where not to move? The government has released the info.

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old


UFO sightings are becoming a near-everyday occurrence these days with folks seeing consistent weirdness in the skies. Whether these are actual sightings or more of a copycat syndrome with enthusiasts wanting to get in on the spotting action isn’t totally clear. But the continued rumor mill around the possibility of aliens making contact is definitely in the public consciousness these days. And there’s now one spot that’s been identified as having the most recorded UFO sightings ever. Congratulations rural Maine, you are the leader in the clubhouse for seeing alien spacecraft. 

The number of UFO sightings is tallied by the National UFO Reporting Center which was founded in 1974. They act as something of a hotline for folks who want to report having seen something strange in the sky. They make their data available to the public and to government agencies. Since they’ve been tracking these occurrences, Maine tops the list for most sightings in the United States. There are a number of stories of people seeing weird objects in the sky over the years. 

Since they’ve begun recording these incidents Maine has had more than 1,000 UFO sightings with the number dramatically increasing over the last decade. And apparently, there was even a spike during pandemic-related quarantines. Could boredom lead to more sightings? Maybe. Regardless, this area of the country has had the most when factoring in the government documentation. 


Maine being something of a hotbed of hot UFO talk comes on the heels of recently declassified government documents that only ramped up speculation (or maybe even acted as proof) that aliens have been visiting Earth for some time now. As part of the Covid relief bill from late 2020, there was a stipulation that government agencies had six months to release any information they had about alien sightings. The initial release contained 2,700 pages of documents and other interesting tidbits. 

Some of this was in response to the US government admitting they had some video footage of unexplained flying aircraft captured by Navy fighter pilots. The incident in question shows an object flying in a way we aren’t used to with current aerodynamics and the reaction by the pilots definitely has a “something weird is going on” feel. 

And then in the last week we’ve seen some other incidents crop up around the world.  In Pakistan, a pilot recorded a video of what he claims to be a UFO when they saw a bright light flashing around the sky. And there was another North Carolina just a couple of days ago. 


So it looks like other areas of the country and world might be catching up to Maine when it comes to UFOs. But they have some way to go to reach those lofty numbers. It stands to reason with more information becoming available and more of the “actual” sightings being reported, we will also see a spike in folks thinking they see something as well. It can only go one way. We’ll need to be really discerning about when to think we’ve actually seen the real thing. Even if seemingly everyone in Maine has already caught a glimpse of a UFO.