The Super Nintendo World Theme Park Is Happening, Here’s What We Know

By James Brizuela | 2 months ago

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If you happen to be a theme park connoisseur, then you are likely to know that there are specific lands or areas opened up in a theme park that target a certain subject. There is a land dedicated to Harry Potter, Avengers Campus, and Springfield, just to name a few. These areas are designed for showcasing some beloved film franchises or television shows. Well, now gamers that have been mega fans of Mario and Nintendo will finally get their chance to experience Super Nintendo World in 2023. Universal Studios has announced that the Hollywood location in California will finally be getting its own fully immersive theme park based on the beloved Super Mario Bros franchise. This is not the first of its kind, as Universal Japan had opened the first Super Nintendo World in early 2021. You can see a walkthrough video of the theme park below:

It’s A-Me Mario!

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The above walkthrough video is special in nature due to the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto walking fans through the Super Nintendo World and showing off some of the spectacular things that fans will be treated to. Miyamoto is the creative director at Nintendo who invented game franchises like Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, and Donkey Kong. While the above video is the version of the park that exists in Japan, expect the United States version to look very similar, as is the custom for most international theme parks of the same kind. One of the most interesting aspects of the theme park is the wristband that is offered to everyone as an additional piece of immersion. The bracelet can unlock certain events throughout the park, including the sound of blocks giving you coins when you jump up and hit them. The whole event is cataloged, and you are given a point score at the end of your adventure, much like a score if you had been playing Super Mario Bros. That’s fantastic. While the theme park is broadly described as Super Nintendo World, most of the theme covers characters from the Super Mario Bros franchise. Mario, Toad, Bowser, Princess Peach, and more are heavily influenced by the park’s aesthetic.

Super Nintendo World Rumored Attractions

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While there is a heavy influence from the Super Mario Bros franchise laden within the whole park, it is not the only game that is said to influence the park. One of the biggest rides that are said to be offered or will be offered is that of Mario Kart. You can see the ride through video of this attraction from Super Nintendo World Japan below:

The ride seems to blend the best parts of Mario Kart in with a roller coaster and augmented reality. Fans will zip around a kart while running into obstacles throughout their time on the ride like Pirahna Plant and the dreaded Thwomp. While it may not be the kind of go-kart experience that most fans will want, it does look to be completely based on the Mario Kart franchise. Super Nintendo World looks like a ton of fun already.

Another big ride that is promised is based on the fan-favorite Super Nintendo game, Yoshi’s Adventure. While the other attractions will be more fast paced, this ride is for leisure fans. The Yoshi’s Adventure ride at Super Nintendo World is meant to showcase the whole park while taking riders through a tour of sorts. You will be able to see the entire park while riding in a different colored Yoshi. You can see the ride-through video below:

There are additional shopping and eating experiences that will be unique to the park, such as being able to purchase plush toys of blocks, Bullet Bill, and stars that will be available for purchase in the 1-Up Factory. There are tons of items that are all based on favorite Mario characters from across the franchise. This is the best place to get some Super Nintendo World swag. You can see an extensive breakdown video of the shop below:

When Will Super Nintendo World Open?

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While Universal Studios Hollywood has offered a 2023 date for the park to open, they have not announced an actual concrete date. This is likely to make sure the park can iron out all the would-be issues for opening a park that is this immersive. However, because most kids are usually off from school during the summer, it would be safe to say that Super Nintendo World is set to open during the summer months. Keep your eyes peeled for more news.