Super Mario Bros. Movie Casts Chris Pratt As Mario And Other Superstars In Key Roles

By Doug Norrie | 4 weeks ago

chris pratt super mario bros

Eat your hearts out classic video game character lovers, there is a big production coming down the pike with some major names attached. Super Mario Bros. is getting a feature-length animated movie and it is jam-packed with Hollywood heavy hitters and talent voicing roles. Deadline is reporting that Chris Pratt will take on the voice of the iconic Mario character and he’s going to be joined by a number of other A-list celebrities in what could be a fantastic, and long overdue take on the character and this world. 

Joining Chris Pratt in Super Mario Bros. will be a number of other folks whose stars are on the rise. For starters, Anya Taylor-Joy will play Princess Peach, she who needed saving in the original game and has been a mainstay in the franchise throughout. Taylor-Joy is, of course, coming off masterful work in The Queen’s Gambit and has a number of other high-profile projects in the works as well. Then there will be Charlie Day as Luigi, the other half of the brother pairing. 

And it doesn’t stop there with the Super Mario Bros casting. Chris Pratt will be interacting with Seth Rogen who is going to voice the character of Donkey Kong, which means we are going back to some of the character’s original video game roots. There’s also Jack Black as the evil Bowser and Keegan-Michael Key as Toad. Fred Armisen will play Cranky Kong, Kevin Michael Richardson is Kamek and the great Sebastian Maniscalco is Spike. This cast is just completely loaded, one of the truly star-studded animated features to come down the pike in some time. And why shouldn’t it draw the best and brightest? Super Mario seems as old as video games themselves. 

Chris Pratt will also have a solid director team helming Super Mario Bros. with Teen Titans Go! creators Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic taking the reins. The production is a joint venture between Nintendo and Illumination which has hits like Sing, the Despicable Me franchise, The Secret Life of Pets, and Dr. Seuss adaptations The Lorax and The Grinch under their belts. This is shaping up like the movie adaptation we’ve been waiting for for decades now. The 1993 live-action movie didn’t pass muster and since then the character and his cronies have been in a holding pattern. Apparently, the script and team were good enough for this one to draw some major names to the cast. It’s an excellent sign. 

Expect to see Chris Pratt, Any-Taylor Joy, Seth Rogen, Jack Black and the rest of the crew hit the screen in Super Mario Bros next year. With the casting set and production set to get underway shortly, the film already has a Christmas season release date set for December 21, 2022. And this might just be the start of things. If Super Mario Bros. is a success, we should expect to see more Nintendo characters making their way to the big screen in short order. Additionally, there is a very good chance this first movie is just the beginning of a major movie franchise going forward with plenty of Super Mario stories to tell.