See The New Characters In Action In Street Fighter 6 Gameplay First Look

New footage has emerged which shows more of the Street Fighter 6 roster, and new characters fighting one another.

By Jason Collins | Published

Street Fighter 6

Capcom finally revealed more gameplay footage for its Street Fighter 6 character roster during its latest live stream, bringing the game’s recently announced characters clashing. We get to see some of the series’ newcomers, like Marisa, Manon, and J.P. going against some of its veterans, including Dhalsim, Dee Jay, and E. Honda. Admittedly, the footage doesn’t provide depth into each respective character, but it does offer more in terms of various characters’ normal and special moves and the recently introduced game faces.

According to Destructoid, the footage presented a lot of button-mashing and jumping action beautifully packed into a Street Fighter 6 gaming presentation worthy of some of gaming’s oldest fighting franchises and their fans. It’s interesting to see these characters, many of which supposedly come from different fighting backgrounds, take each on in physical combat on the new and attractive Paris stage—there’s even an Eiffel Tower in the background, along with a crepe stand. As seen in the footage, the fights are pretty chaotic and quite over the top.

And while there’s some pretty fantastic action in the recently broadcast Street Fighter 6 footage, it would seem that Marisa is the fan favorite of this particular show. This absolute beefcake of a woman is swiftly winning the fandom’s hearts. In fact, her victory animation has fans infatuated, as the character dons a Spartan helmet and gently picks up the defeated foe, cradling him in her arms. It’s a true contrast with her fighting style, considering that she’s one of the more brutal characters in the game, and fans adore the animation. But wait till we see Ryu.

street fighter 6

Capcom just recently revealed the full Street Fighter 6 character roster, and the game is expected to launch with 18 available characters. Admittedly, Capcom did specify that the 18 characters are the game’s launch lineup and that more characters would be added later during the post-release. In our previous reports, we discussed the in-game feature that the next installment in the series is supposed to introduce, including unprecedented customization options that would allow gamers to customize their in-game avatars down to the color of their eyelashes.

Apart from the flashy moves, super-strong beefy ladies, and new characters, Street Fighter 6 has several under-the-hood implementations that are specifically designed to affect the gameplay mechanics. The first among them is the newly implemented Dynamic Controls, which is basically a modernization of the game’s control system. Street Fighter previously, for the most part, used a 6-button control scheme for fighting. However, the new game had its control system redesigned, with almost everything simplified to only four buttons.

Street Fighter veterans are likely to adhere to the old control system, which is still present in the game, while the newcomers, especially those belonging to younger generations, might appreciate a simpler approach. Whatever the case may be, the upcoming Street Fighter 6 seems like a true gaming blast for all gaming-loving audiences, and judging by what we’ve seen so far, its aesthetics and fast-paced combat are more than likely to attract more audience—even those who previously haven’t enjoyed the fighting genre.

Street Fighter 6 is expected to launch on July 2, 2023, on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles.