See Evil Dead: The Game’s New Bloody Mode

Evil Dead: The Game's new Splatter Royale mode pits 40 players against each other and includes two new weapons.

By Jason Collins | Updated

Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead has been a very busy franchise in the past few years, with the new Evil Dead Rise film scheduled for April and the Evil Dead: The Game steaming forward and winning new audiences, even after it was previously delayed. The latter has seen plenty of development since its release in May last year, and Saber Interactive has given the game a Splatter Royale mode—a rather appropriate name for a battle royale component.

Evil Dead: The Game‘s Splatter Royale is now available on all platforms and pits 40 players against one another on a massive battlefield. Something like a last-person standing, but mixed in with the fast-paced chainsaw-wielding gameplay. The update that brought Splatter Royale also expanded the gamer’s in-game arsenal by introducing two new weapons—the scythe and the long-range grenade launcher. These two additions would allow gamers to mix and match their weapons and adjust their gameplay either to melee or ranged combat.

Of course, that’s not all; there are more things to play with if you decide to buy Evil Dead: The Game‘s premium Immortal Power DLC, which unlocks Ruby Knowby, and several different outfits, such as Scourge of Evil, Fish n’ Chips, Party Animal, and King of White Frost. Ruby is particularly interesting, as she can regenerate her health, increase her possession resistance, and enhance her weapons. Additionally, she’s able to consume souls and trigger a blast that’s deadly to the evil monsters and rejuvenating to nearby Survivors.

Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead: The Game is an asymmetrical game, which isn’t everyone’s favorite, but it has provided a home to the horror gaming genre, which was slowly fading in favor of countless Assassin’s Creed titles. Resident Evil and its numerous remakes are a notable exception to this rule, but it’s becoming increasingly hard to name massively played horror games, except perhaps Dead by Daylight. But even Dead by Daylight wouldn’t be able to stay afloat were it not for numerous collaborations with other horror releases across different mediums.

The asymmetrical horror genre is a bit difficult to love unless it’s a franchise player they have a deep love for and an IP they’d like to see more of. With that said, Evil Dead: The Game isn’t something groundbreaking; instead, it’s a culmination of the franchise’s best ideas that make the game inviting to the horror and franchise’s long-time fans and complete newbies. It allows both you and your friends to take the appearance of some of the franchise’s most iconic characters and blast through the hordes of undead, and with the new Splatter Royale, blast through other players too.

Interestingly enough, and quite appropriate for the franchise, Evil Dead: The Game was released on Friday, May 13 last year. The release was rather subtle, and the game made more than 500,000 sales in the first five days of its release period. Not bad for an ’80s horror franchise. Evil Dead: The Game is currently available on PC via Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X.