Destiny 2 Just Killed A Fan-Favorite Character, But They Might Make A Shocking Return

Fan-favorite character Amanda Holliday has been killed off in Destiny 2, but fans are hopeful that she'll return as a Guardian.

By Jason Collins | Updated

Amanda Holliday in Destiny 2

Bungie’s Destiny 2 has been a hot topic in the past few months; the game made headlines because it accidentally deleted players’ characters and gear and for dropping its worst element. And now, following a Tuesday reset, players found out that the game makers had killed a fan-favorite character whose death was mostly unforeseen.

According to Forbes, Amanda Holliday, a non-Guardian human pilot, ended up blowing herself up in an attempt to free the prisoners from the Shadow Legion. Of course, the whole endeavor was a trap, and certain details from the Prime Gaming bundle actually pointed toward Amanda dying, which is quite shocking actually, considering that she has been a part of the franchise from the very beginning. However, it’s entirely possible that she might return to Destiny 2 as a Guardian herself.

Amanda previously wasn’t a key player in Destiny’s story or lore, but she did play a crucial role in several seasonal stories and campaigns. She’s also the one that supplied the Guardians with their first ship and sparrows, among other things, so besides not playing a crucial role,  she has been a valuable support character in lore. This season, however, she stepped into the spotlight for the first time; and after suffering through a shipwreck and imprisonment, she rose to become one of the main characters of the season.

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Guardians in Destiny 2

We love a good character development story, which is why we thoroughly enjoyed the God of War’s best game, and Amanda finally received some work that she rightfully deserved—Bungie managed to cram years of character development into a few weeks without any incoherencies in the Destiny 2 narrative. It also made the character even more likable and her death even more impactful, as the in-lore characters now have to deal with losing her, and her death bears a lot of consequences and tragedy, which strangely has very little to do with her personally.

The fandom previously criticized this kind of character treatment—developing characters only to use them as plot devices. However, there’s a good chance that Amanda will return as a Guardian, which will further impact other characters and the game’s narrative. If that happens, her rebirth as a Guardian will see her memories wiped, her love for Crow and her friends gone, as they’ll have to mourn the lover and friend (respectively) they lost while facing her every day.

Amanda’s death in Destiny 2 is only one of many deaths in the game, but it’s the most impactful thus far for the reasons we previously mentioned. Her death will certainly make some in-game characters act, and her resurrection will also bear an impact on some characters, but it would also bear the risk of devaluing her death in the first place. It most certainly isn’t outside the realm of possibilities; the only question is whether or not Bungie and its parent company Sony have this in store for the character, or is Amanda truly gone, never to return again.