Destiny 2 Finally Drops Its Worst Element After Years Of Fans Begging

Destiny 2 is nixing blue engrams, an irritating inventory overload feature that has annoyed avid gamers for years.

By Jason Collins | Updated

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Following years of public requests made by the gaming community, Bungie has finally dropped one of the worst elements in Destiny 2. No, we’re not discussing the gamers’ characters being deleted without seemingly any explanation. Instead, we’re talking about improvements the Sony-owned studio finally made to the game’s gear management system. Namely, blue engrams will become a thing of the past.

According to Forbes, Bungie finally announced that they’re fixing the blue engram overload issues within Destiny 2 as of next week. For those in need of more context, players have previously spent hours of their life manually deleting low-quality blue drops from their inventory. Picking up these items is currently unavoidable, which is a real pain, as accruing them during the gaming session has the potential to push out much more valuable and higher-quality items and entire stacks of in-game currency.

Gamers pleaded with Bungie to resolve the issue, with some suggesting that the blue items shouldn’t take priority over better-quality gear and others suggesting the elimination of blue engrams from Destiny 2 entirely. Bungie eventually came forth with a compromise that pretty much satisfies anyone, both the newcomers who actually need blue engrams, to end-game players who don’t. As things currently are, once the players hit their individual soft power caps in a given season of the game, blue engrams will stop dropping entirely.

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However, every piece of gear has value equivalent to in-game currency, so devoiding end-game players of blue engrams mean stripping them of glimmer. To compensate, instead of dropping blue engrams for end-game players, Destiny 2 will now drop the equivalent of glimmer. Compromises aren’t really good deals, as both sides lose something to gain something else, which makes Bungie’s fix a good compromise—a true rarity. The solution fixes all the issues blue engrams pose to end-game players while preserving several functions blue engrams do have.

In other words, the suggested fix within Destiny 2 would prevent the blues from clogging the inventories of end-game players, allowing them to farm whatever currency they want with no issues. For starting players who haven’t hit their soft power cap, the blues still drop, as they do offer certain perks for those under the power cap. This includes the ability to let new players advance in power level. But they don’t really do anything for those who had hit a soft power cap and instead clog up the player’s inventory system, often devoiding them of more valuable items.

As previously mentioned, the change has been one that the players have requested for a really long time, and it really makes gear management easier for end-game players. This is only one of the few changes Bungie plans on making to the game in light of Destiny 2’s expansion release scheduled for February 28 this year. In other Destiny 2-related news, the game’s fan-favorite map was built within recently-charged Fortnite last year; it seems that Epic Games doesn’t run short on ideas for crossovers with other popular gaming franchises.