Zendaya Wants To Make A Huge Change To Euphoria Season 3

Zendaya wants to make some changes when it comes to Euphoria Season 3 and the actress has the status to pull it off.

By Doug Norrie | Published


Zendaya has become one of the true Hollywood stars, showing she can bring it in a number of different productions, whether they are major blockbusters or hard-hitting and critically acclaimed television series. There’s is more to come for the talented actress in the coming years and she’ll be back in one of her signature roles as well. On that latter front, Zendaya has ideas about how she would like to see Euphoria move forward, especially where the story is concerned. While she isn’t one of the lead creatives on the series, it would stand to reason that she would at least have at least a voice in the room. And according to a recent interview, Zendaya wants the series to eventually move away from its current setting and into one that could have a treasure trove of new stories.

Zendaya spoke with The Hollywood Reporter at length about her career and specifically what it’s been like working on Euphoria the last few years. There was a look back at Season 2 and how the arc of her character Rue started to come to a head in really painful and raw ways. But there was also a discussion about Euphoria Season 3 and beyond, what she would like to see happen for the series, and specifically the characters. There Zendaya seemed to think a scenery change would be good, and maybe necessary at some point in the show’s arc. Check out part of what she had to see about that and seeing as how she’s now an executive producer on the show, her input definitely matters when it comes to the story. 

“I think it’ll be exciting to explore the characters out of high school. I want to see what Rue looks like in her sobriety journey, how chaotic that might look. But also with all the characters, in the sense where they’re trying to figure out what to do with their lives when high school is over and what kind of people they want to be. ”

It’s unclear if this is the direction they are ultimately heading with Euphoria, though with all high school-based series it has to be a question on everyone’s minds. While high school has a definitive end date for students, their lives do not and for the series, the people are at the heart of the story. Wanting to see where each person moves after leaving the high school halls is totally reasonable and frankly, more realistic. Whether they are able to move forward or transition the story in that way does remain to be seen. But it’s clear that Zendaya has a voice in the room now, something she said she began building up over the course of the last season.

The executive producer label is something that stars often get with their series, though the meaning behind being an EP for a show or movie can vary greatly. Sometimes it’s just a contractual provision, some nice window dressing a chance at a bigger payday. Sometimes though it’s because the person has a real voice when it comes to the creative process. For Zendaya it would very much appear to be the latter. 

And the title for Zendaya is more than deserving. After all, she is coming off an Emmy win for Best Actress in a Drama Series for Euphoria Season 1 and has been nominated again for the same award in Season 2. This series is about as critically acclaimed as it gets and the actress is a big reason for it. There is more to come on that front.