A Yellowstone Star Is Reportedly Toxic Both On And Off Set

An unconfirmed report says that Kelly Reilly and Kevin Costner don't interact with their Yellowstone co-stars, including refusing to do publicity interviews with them.

By Michileen Martin | Published

Regardless of how things play out in the show from one season to the next, according to unconfirmed reports from Radar Online, behind the scenes most of Kelly Reilly’s Yellowstone co-stars are unhappy with the way she treats them. The site says its sources have claimed Reilly refuses to interact with her co-stars, including participating in publicity appearances involving the rest of the cast. The actress’ behavior has allegedly caused friction on-set, where she’s reportedly earned the reputation of being a diva. 

Interestingly, Kelly Reilly isn’t the only Yellowstone star to keep themself apart from the rest of the cast, according to Radar Online. The site’s sources also say that Kevin Costner will likewise not do group publicity with the rest of the cast, and also doesn’t mingle much with his co-stars. In fact, the site says that Reilly and Costner will do joint publicity interviews, but not with the rest of the cast. 

According to Radar Online’s sources, while Kelly Reilly has earned the ire of the Yellowstone cast, Costner’s star status gives him a pass. “No one has anything bad to say about him,” the site’s source claimed. “They figure he’s the star of the show, so they give him space.”

If there is truth to any of these reports about Kelly Reilly’s behavior while making Yellowstone, it could be–as one of Radar Online’s sources supposedly claimed–that she is simply an “ultra-private” person. 

Kelly Reilly’s Yellowstone character, Beth Dutton, is one of the most complex and galvanizing figures of the drama. Beth is fiercely loyal to her father John (Costner), a ruthlessly manipulative character, and one who isn’t particularly emotionally stable. She’s also, at times, brutally honest. 

kelly reilly yellowstone
Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton in Yellowstone

One example comes up in the Season 4 finale of the series. When Carter (Finn Little), an orphaned child Kelly Reilly’s Yellowstone character has been caring for, calls her “mama,” Beth’s response is shocking. At first she seems to warm to it, but then she changes.

Beth Dutton harshly tells the boy, “You can’t call me that… You lost your mother, kid. You don’t get another.”

After the episode aired, fans debated about why Kelly Reilly’s Beth would react like that, and the actress told Vanity Fair she was just as shocked as the Yellowstone viewers. “I found it very emotional to read that,” She said about reading the script, “and I sat with it for a minute.”

Still, Kelly Reilly insisted as hard as it was to watch and to perform, it was utterly true for her Yellowstone character: “It was absolutely the correct response for this character… He’s just come into their life. He’s been there for maybe two weeks. She can’t just suddenly go, ‘I’m going to be your mother.’ That wouldn’t be truthful.”

Regardless of how Kelly Reilly treats her Yellowstone castmates off the screen, fans seem much more concerned with things on the screen. In particular, a lot of fans got mad at the show’s official social media accounts when they felt the show was hinting about a split between her character and Cole Hauser’s Rip Wheeler.