See Will Smith Solve The Mysteries Of The World In Welcome To Earth Trailer

Will Smith has a new reality series coming and it looks pretty incredible. We now have the stunning first trailer for Welcome to Earth. It looks like the perfect series for Smith and his personality

By Cristina Alexander | Updated

will smith welcome to earth

Will Smith is the kind of actor that likes to explore parts of the Earth that are unlike anything he has seen in his own movies. Back in 2018, he was the host of the National Geographic documentary One Strange Rock. That one told the story of how every life form survives and thrives in various parts of the world. He was joined by eight astronauts who had traveled away from it for nearly four years. Now he’s taking us to parts unknown as both host and adventurer in the trailer for the new Disney+ nature documentary, Welcome to Earth.

Welcome to Earth, a title that’s derived from one of Will Smith’s famous lines in his 1996 classic disaster film Independence Day, is a six-part series in which the actor goes on an odyssey with his guides to visit various exotic locations around the globe. While it’s a greeting to the aliens who come to Earth in the movie, the show’s title is an appropriate reference considering how little so many of us know about the several wonders of the world. To celebrate Disney+ Day on Friday, Disney+ tweeted the trailer for the documentary, in which the actor goes down the ends of the Earth.

In the trailer, we see Will Smith kayaking through jungle rivers, diving in a submarine to examine glaciers, ziplining between ravines, and kayaking through jungle rivers to discover all the hidden gems that Earth has to offer. He also comes across some rare animals that are not seen anywhere else, not even in a zoo. “I’m throwing myself into the unknown,” he says in the trailer, with one of the guides telling him he almost guarantees he’ll survive whatever challenge lies ahead.

Welcome to Earth will be executive produced by Darren Aronofsky, director of Black Swan, Requiem for a Dream, and mother! This documentary will mark his second collaboration with Will Smith after serving as executive producer on One Strange Rock. According to ScreenRant, environmental themes are woven into Aronofsky’s work, with mother! in particular serving as an allegory for the destruction of Earth from climate change.

The documentary will cap a rather busy year for Will Smith. He’s gaining pre-Oscars critical acclaim for his performance in King Richard, a biopic about the Venus and Serena Williams’ father, Richard Williams, as he coaches them for domination on the tennis court, which is set to premiere in theaters on November 19. He is also set to star in Emancipation, which comes out on Apple TV+ sometime next year.

In addition to those movies, Will Smith has been on a book tour to promote his self-titled memoir Will, in which he wrote about his troubled childhood, his early acting career in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, his stints in the music industry, and his marriage to Jada Pinkett-Smith and his children — both of whom are entertainers in their own right, with Jaden being a rapper and Willow hosting Red Table Talk with her mother and grandmother. Welcome to Earth will be streaming on Disney+ on December 8.