Will Smith Does An Incredible Thing For His King Richard Co-Stars

By Doug Norrie | 3 days ago

will smith king richard

Will Smith could be headed for an awards season turn with his latest movie. There is a firm belief that his role in the upcoming King Richard could land Smith on certain podiums when the time comes. In the meantime, it appears that Will Smith is also making sure to do right by the cast in the flick. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Smith gave out bonuses to some other cast members, checks he wrote from his own personal funds. It was a way to offer thanks for their work but also in light of how Warner Bros. is releasing the film. 

Apparently, prior to the release of King Richard, Will Smith gave certain cast members an undisclosed sum of money to possibly offset payments that wouldn’t be realized because of how WarnerBros. has chosen to release the movie. While the film will be in theaters, it’s also going to be available for streaming on HBO Max as well. There is a chance that this decision negatively affects the overall box office numbers. And, in the past, certain actor contracts have been tied to box office revenue. Will Smith not only stars in the film but is a producer as well. This might be a way to make sure the talent is made “whole” so to speak. It could also just be a way to show his appreciation for their work in the film. THR is also reporting that Will Smith made somewhere in the $40 million range for the movie. 

King Richard stars Will Smith as Richard Williams, the father of tennis phenoms Venus and Serena Williams. The film depicts Richard’s trials and tribulations raising the two girls in their formative years and what sacrifices he made to ensure they reached the top of the tennis game. Saniyya Sidney plays a young Venus and Demi Singleton plays a young Serena. Other cast members include Aunjanue Ellis, Jon Bernthal, Dylan McDermott. 

Early reviews and responses to King Richard have been overwhelmingly positive. It’s currently sitting at 89% on Rotten Tomatoes with near-universal for Will Smith in the lead role, the portrayal of the Williams sisters, and the story it tells. There is some speculation that it could land Smith in major consideration when awards are handed out early next year. He has never won an Oscar though was nominated twice in the Best Actor category for 2002s Ali and 2007s Pursuit of Happyness. There is intense competition for these awards of course, though merely being mentioned here is a testament to how good Smith is in this latest part. 

Will Smith and company will debut King Richard in theaters and on HBO Max on November 19th. After this, the superstar actor has a number of other movies in the pipeline over the next few years. He is set to release sequels Bright 2 and Bad Boys 4. Plus, he’s teaming up with action director David Leitch for Fast and Loose and will play the head of a criminal empire in The Council. For as accomplished a career as he’s had, Will Smith might just be at the top of his game right now.