See The Massive Billboard Warrior Nun Fans Have Made To Save Series

Fans of Warrior Nun have shelled out cash to take out a massive billboard in Times Square demanding Netflix save the canceled series.

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

warrior nun

If you haven’t been keeping up, Netflix has been busy trying to change password-sharing rules and canceling everyone’s favorite shows, all while wondering why they are losing subscribers. One of the shows they canceled that has a very intense fan base is Warrior Nun, and more than two months after Netflix canceled that show, fans are still fighting to bring it back. And now, the latest move in that battle includes a massive billboard in Times Square in the most ambitious attempt yet to bring the beloved show back.

As far as billboards go, this one gets right to the point. The eye-catching Warrior Nun design helps to get everyone’s attention, and from there, they can see the hashtag fans have been rallying around online: #SaveWarriorNun. And in addition to directing curious onlookers to the official Warrior Nun website, the billboard also proudly declares that it was created “by the Warrior Nun fandom.”

In some ways, that last part of the billboard is the most important part. Netflix has previously claimed that they never cancel successful shows, which is a not-so-subtle way of saying that when they give great shows like Warrior Nun the boot, it’s because those shows aren’t bringing enough cash into the network. By taking out a billboard in Times Square, one of the single most expensive places to take out advertisements, these fans are showing Netflix that not only are they loyal, but they have deep pockets they are willing to expend to save their fave show.

To make matters murkier, Netflix has always been cagey about exactly how often different movies and shows are viewed, making it difficult to determine which streaming media has been a success or not. From the outside looking in, Warrior Nun seems to have performed very well on Netflix and was a critical hit, and the actions of these devoted fans would seem to put the lie to what the company is saying about only canceling poorly-performing programming. Quite frankly, if the show didn’t have an army of fans watching and rewatching the show while cajoling others to join the fandom, there likely wouldn’t have been enough funds to take out this giant billboard.

warrior nun

And while the billboard plans have likely been a long time coming, this ended up being the absolute best time to drop such a billboard in Times Square. Recently, Netflix unveiled some very harsh restrictions on users sharing passwords that went so far as to affect college students, those who travel, and basically anyone that has multiple devices with Netflix on them. After user backlash (and presumably more than a few canceled subscriptions), Netflix relented and claimed those new rules were posted in mistake, and we’re willing to bet they might now be more receptive to bringing Warrior Nun back if it would help them stop bleeding subscribers.

Still, only time will tell whether this plan to save Warrior Nun works and, if so, what the salvation would look like. For example, when fans made similar attempts to bring back the popular Wachowski sisters’ show Sense8, Netflix didn’t authorize another season but did greenlight a movie to wrap things up. Something similar could happen with Warrior Nun, although if the Times Square billboard prompts a different streamer like Prime Video or Apple TV+ to snag the series, then we would be that much likelier to see entirely new seasons of this awesome show.