Here’s How Netflix Plans To Prevent Password Sharing Starting Now

Netflix has revealed devices will need verification to stop password sharing.

By James Brizuela | Published

Netflix password sharing

Netflix password sharing is now a thing of the past, as the streaming company has finally revealed how it plans to stop multiple homes from using the same account. According to the help page for the company, users who continually use devices that are not linked to their home Netflix account will be subjected to verification. Should this verification prove that the house in question is not the main Netflix account holder, the account could be charged or blocked.

The Netflix password-sharing punishment differs for each country, as the Costa Rican help page has stated that users will need to sign in to the Wi-Fi being used for the main account once every 31 days or they could see their accounts banned. We also previously reported that Netflix plans to charge an additional $3 dollars for those other households using the same account. However, the help page does state that Netflix will not automatically charge any account for violating rules, so we imagine there might be some sort of warning that takes place.

Netflix password sharing is going to be tracked by the company through means of IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity. For those who are traveling, there are going to be seven-day passes that can be given so you can still use your account while abroad. Also, the main account user can switch their household and take their account information with them wherever they may be traveling to. The main Netflix household could be subject to verification to ensure that password sharing is not happening.

This verification process for Netflix password sharing does seem quite easy though. Once Netflix asks for verification of a device, the phone number or email associated with the main account holder will be given a 4-digit verification code. This code will need to be entered within 15 minutes. We assume that should the code not be entered, then that device trying to use the account will not be able to do so.

A new verification code can also be generated if the code that users obtain expires. Netflix has also announced the verification can happen periodically, which is another way the company plans to combat this dreaded password sharing. This new process is said to be starting at the end of March.

Netflix has been in some hot water for its choices lately, and cracking down on password sharing might be the final straw for many people. The expensive plans and poor ad-based tier are something that has driven plenty of people away. This new password-sharing crackdown could also be the biggest reason why the company suffers another exodus of subscribers.

Netflix could just lower its prices and match the other streaming services that are available, instead of trying to combat password sharing. However, it appears the streaming company is not going to go that route at all, and instead try and convert those borrowing accounts to get their own. We will see what happens in the coming months, but we foresee even more issues happening for the once-great streaming giant.