Warrior Nun Is Canceled, But One Heavyweight Is Now Trying To Save It

The producer for Warrior Nun, Simon Barry, has joined the fight to save the series.

By Sean Thiessen | Published

Netflix Warrior Nun

After two fan-fueled seasons, news dropped that Netflix had canceled Warrior Nun, a live-action series based on a comic by Ben Dunn. Since then, the show’s loyal followers have sent up their hashtagged prayers to resurrect the show. Fans have been joined in their efforts by the show’s creator himself, Simon Barry, whose initial resignation to the show’s fate has been replaced with fervor on Twitter for the show’s return.

When the news that Netflix had canceled the show dropped on December 13, 2022, Simon Barry tweeted a message of gratitude to the fans, cast, and production team of Warrior Nun. In just a couple of days, #SaveWarriorNun gained considerable steam, and Barry jumped on board the movement. 

Barry’s latest tweet is captioned, “Still in the fight,” with a GIF of Captain America spouting the First Avenger’s mantra of resilience, “I can do this all day.” The tweet includes the hashtag #SaveWarriorNun, which has become the rallying cry of the show’s fanbase. The appeal to Netflix to revive Warrior Nun has not been met with a response from the streamer yet, but the movement remains steadfast.

Fan appeals to networks and streamers like Netflix can work, and could certainly work for Warrior Nun, but they don’t always achieve results overnight. #SixSeasonsAndAMovie was the chant for fans of NBC’s Community, who fought to keep the show alive almost the entire time it aired. When the show was canceled by NBC, its sixth and final season eventually found a home on Yahoo Screen, and an upcoming movie is set to appear on Peacock years after the show’s conclusion.

Even Netflix has offered a home to shows canceled by other platforms, giving new seasons to shows like Lucifer and Arrested Development. In the entertainment business, nothing is final. If the audience is perceived to be strong enough, whether it continues on Netflix or elsewhere, Warrior Nun has as good a shot as anything at being revived.

Netflix canceled Warrior Nun due to low viewership, but those who do watch the show love it. The series has a 97% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, a prestigious position for any show. 

The Netflix adaptation of Warrior Nun follows Alba Baptista, a young woman who awakens in a morgue to find herself resurrected, healed of paralysis, and the bearer of a holy object called the Halo. This artifact grants her supernatural powers and the status of Warrior Nun. Along with the Order of the Cruciform Sword, Alba uses her abilities to battle Earth-dwelling demons and the otherworldly forces that seek to control her power.

After only a few days since Netflix announced the cancellation of Warrior Nun, the show has generated considerable buzz, becoming perhaps more famous in death than in life. It is too early to tell what effect the newfound attention on the series will have, but it may be just what Simon Barry and the show’s fanbase have. As has been demonstrated many times over, the power of a passionate following can make amazing things happen, and in the ever-evolving world of entertainment, anything is possible.