The Killer Netflix Trailer Reveals An Amazing Hitman Thriller

By Jason Collins | Published

the killer netflix

Netflix doesn’t really have the best track record with comic book adaptations; releases such as Jupiter’s Legacy, Daybreak, Space Force, and Death Note only serve as a testament to Netflix’s poor track record. However, the streamer’s first trailer for The Killer, from director David Fincher, provides an insight into a potential hit release—if only trailers didn’t lie.

David Fincher’s The Killer starring Michael Fassbender is based on the 1998 comic book series

The recently revealed The Killer is based on the 1998 comic book series created by the writer Matz (Alexis Nolent) and artist Luc Jacamon. It follows the story of an initially unnamed hitman who, after a years-long and very successful career of expertly killing designated targets and removing traces of his involvement, begins to slip up in ways that make him question his sanity.

And just like in the comic, the trailer dives into what actually makes this assassin, portrayed by Assassin’s Creed and X-Men’s Michael Fassbender, so deadly. Check out the trailer for The Killer below.

Ultimately, the killer gets tired of killing and begins to struggle with his conscience as his clients demand his skills. The Killer is yet another collaboration between Fincher and cinematographer Erik Messerschmidt. It marks another milestone in their partnership, as the two previously worked together on Mindhunter. Paramount announced Fincher’s involvement after they acquired the rights for the movie.

In The Killer, Micheal Fassbender, the actor portraying the unnamed assassin, has been absent from the screen recently after taking up car racing in 2017. His last appearance was on 2019’s X-Men: Dark Phoenix, where he portrayed Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto alongside Sophie Turner as Jean Gray and James McAvoy as Professor X. However, it’s safe to say that fans still await his return as David, an android from the Alien franchise.

Fassbender isn’t the only famous person making appearances in The Killer; Tilda Swinton, whom you might remember from Marvel’s 2016 Doctor Strange, where she portrayed The Ancient One, or Gabriel from 2005’s Constantine. Arliss Howard of Rubicon and Manhunt is also set to appear, as well as Sophie Charlotte from All the Flowers and Dark Days series. Plus, there’s Charles Parnell, who previously starred in Top Gun: Maverick, which was released in 2022.

However, their roles within the upcoming narrative remain a mystery for the time being, and we’ll have to wait for The Killer’s debut on Netflix on November 10.

Originally The Killer was set to star Brad Pitt instead of Michael Fassbender

What’s interesting is the fact that Fassbender wasn’t initially slated to appear in the upcoming film. Instead, Brad Pitt was set to star as the lead character at one point, and some initial listings still contain Pitt’s name. Apparently, playing an assassin in Bullet Train did wonders for the actor, though this is hardly his first role as a hitman. On the latter we’re referring to Killing Them Softly.

Hopefully, the upcoming The Killer will put a stop to Netflix’s streak of poor comic book adaptations. Considering the screenplay is written by Andrew Kevin Walker, known for his work on Seven and Fight Club, directed by Fincher of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Social Network, and Love Death + Robots, and starring Micheal Fassbender, that’s most likely to be the case.