See The New Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer Set In Sunny California

Eleven and the Byers have landed in sunny California in the latest Stranger Things Season 4 trailer. Things turn south really quickly

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

stranger things season 4

When we last left the party in Hawkins, Indiana, they were entering a time of major transition. In essence, they were breaking up and apart with Eleven and the Byers family leaving and hightailing it out of town, headed for parts unknown. It didn’t seem like it mattered where they went as long as it was just somewhere different and safer. Well, with the next Stranger Things Season 4 trailer it looks like we know where they ended up. When things first kick off we see they’ve settled down in sunny California. And at least to start, that looks like it might have been the right choice. 

As is with all things Stranger Things, the relative calm, simplicity, and nostalgia doesn’t take long to give way to something more sinister and deadly. That’s what we get with the Stranger Things Season 4 trailer that starts with Eleven writing a letter to Mike talking about how long they’ve been apart. And there’s growing excitement about when they will see each other again. That’s going to be during Spring Break; if everyone can even survive that long. Check out the newest trailer for Stranger Things Season 4.

Stranger Things has always done an excellent job of landing the viewer directly into a certain time and place. They’ve nailed it every step of the way and it looks very might like they’ve done that to start at the beginning of the Stranger Things Season 4 trailer. We see Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven along with Will and Jonathan Byers moving into a California home. There are surfing references, high school issues, beachy landscapes, a “bro-chacho” thrown in, and a general sense of possible discomfort in these new, and very different surroundings. Eleven is clearly pining about Mike, excited to see him when Spring Break finally rolls around. The countdown is literally on. 

But what follows in the Stranger Things Season 4 trailer is possibly the biggest and most explosive season yet of the show. While we don’t get any references to the Upside Down’s evil lurking in the interdimensional depths, there is plenty more going on here. We see the return of government agencies who might be on the hunt for Eleven, explosions, firefights, high-speed chases, and much more. For a group in the Party that’s often fought threats on a number of different fronts, both in this world and outside of it, this season appears to be its largest-scaled one to date. 

In the previous Stranger Things Season 4 we got a very different vibe for what the season was going to be about. That one had a return to the 1950s in a flashback scene that suggested a haunted house was going to be at the center of the story. This is an altogether divergent set of the story. And what neither of them showed was what he caught in the original teaser when we saw Hopper confined to a Russian prison work crew. What this suggests is that this next season will be massive. 

stranger things season 4

The current plan for Stranger Things Season 4 is to have it released on Netflix sometime next year. The show has faced a number of different delays over the last few years, some tied directly to pandemic-related shutdowns. It’s why these teenagers looked to have aged a lifetime in what should only be a few months in the context of the series. Either way, as viewers I think we can make that mental leap simply because this upcoming story looks pretty damn amazing.