Stephen King Wishes He Wrote This New Horror Movie

Stephen King takes to Twitter to suggest his followers check out the survival thriller Fall.

By Douglas Helm | Published

If Stephen King is giving a horror movie his co-sign, you know it has to be pretty good and that’s exactly what he did for the film Fall. The author took to Twitter to give his short review and even mention that he wished that he’d written it. If you have one of the most prolific horror authors of all time praising your work, you must be doing something right.

If you want to take Stephen King’s word for it, you can head to Amazon Prime to watch Fall. The film is a survival thriller directed by Scott Mann that stars Grace Caroline Currey, Virginia Gardner, Mason Gooding, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Grace Caroline Currey and Virginia Gardner lead the film as two women who climb to the top of a 2,000-foot radio tower and find themselves stranded, with no way to get down.

stephen king
Virginia Gardner in Fall (20220

Stephen King isn’t the only one who liked Fall, as the movie has pretty solid reviews on the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. It currently has a fresh rating from both critics and audiences, scoring a 78% and 79% respectively. While it may have impressed those who saw it, the film didn’t bring in a ton of money, only getting $16 million at the worldwide box office.

Although Stephen King didn’t write Fall, he can take solace in the fact that there are a ton of adaptations on the way of books he did write. The next one we can expect to see is the remake of Salem’s Lot, which is adapted from his 1975 novel about a writer who returns to his hometown of Jerusalem’s Lot to find the residents are turning into vampires. The new adaptation (if it comes out) will be directed and adapted by Gary Dauberman with a cast that includes  Lewis Pullman, Makenzie Leigh, Bill Camp, Spencer Treat Clark, Pilou Asbæk, Alfre Woodard, and William Sadler. 

The most recent adaptation of Stephen King’s work was Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, which was much less well-received than Fall. Mr. Harrigan’s Phone hit Netflix earlier this month and currently holds a rotten rating of 45% from critics on Rotten Tomatoes. The film was at least better received than the adaptation of Firestarter, which currently has an abysmal 10% from critics on the review platform.

With these last couple of misses, it’s no wonder that Stephen King has high praise for a movie like Fall. Of course, there are so many adaptations of King’s extensive catalog that there are bound to be some stinkers, and King often doesn’t have much of a hand in the adaptations anyway. Hopefully, this upcoming adaptation of Salem’s Lot can right the ship.

While Stephen King isn’t taking to Twitter to praise films like Fall, he continues to add to his ever-growing catalog of books, including his most recent novel Fairy Tale, which follows a young boy who enters an otherworldly realm and leads the battle between good and evil. Unsurprisingly, there are already plans to adapt this King novel as well, with Paul Greengrass set to direct, adapt, and produce the film. It remains to be seen if this falls in the good or bad pile of King adaptations.