We Sorted The Cast Of Star Trek: Voyager Into Hogwarts Houses

By Michileen Martin | Updated

star trek voyager

It’s been a while since I sorted the crews of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine into different Hogwarts houses from the Wizarding World. After getting reacquainted with Star Trek: Voyager, it’s time I take a shot at the heroic crew temporarily lost in the Delta Quadrant.

Kathryn Janeway – Gryffindor

star trek voyager

This is by no means the no-brainer you might expect. Most of the lead captains in Trek would find themselves in Gryffindor, yes, but few are as science-minded as Star Trek: Voyager‘s Captain Janeway. There are dialogue scenes between Janeway and B’Elanna where you get the idea the former would rather take over as chief engineer than remain captain–not because she doesn’t trust Torres, she does, but because she seems to find tackling engineering problems to be pure fun.

She would be a perfect candidate for Ravenclaw, but it’s ultimately her courage that shines through. Between her determination to continue exploring even though her crew is decades away from home to her willingness to put herself and her ship between innocents and danger even though there’s no Starfleet to call for backup, Janeway is Gryffindor through and through.

Chakotay – Hufflepuff

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Hufflepuffs are the most community-minded of the houses, and it’s precisely the community of Star Trek: Voyager that is of most concern to Chakotay. Again and again, Chakotay sees it as his responsibility to keep his finger on the pulse of the crew’s well-being, particularly early on when it comes to integrating the Maquis into the Starfleet crew. It is in part that caring for community that brought Chakotay to the Maquis in the first place.

Seven Of Nine – Slytherin

No, we don’t put Seven of Nine in Slytherin because she used to be with bad guys (The Borg). The cybernetic hero has a lot of Slytherin qualities, including being very shrewd, cold, and bristling at the idea of revealing any vulnerabilities. This is true even when we meet a changed Seven in Star Trek: Picard, when she also displays a newfound taste for ambition, without which she would have a tougher time becoming the first officer of the Titan, or later the captain of the Enterprise-G.

Tuvok – Slytherin

Tuvok could find a home in either Ravenclaw or Gryffindor, but he would be most at home in Slytherin. Like Seven of Nine, the Vulcan doesn’t like admitting to vulnerabilities even when they’re glaringly obvious. He’s also perhaps the least trusting member of the Star Trek: Voyager crew.

Neelix – Hufflepuff

This is one of those choices that seems far too obvious to bother pointing out. The Talaxian morale officer and cook is 100 percent pure, undiluted Hufflepuff. Everything he does is for the community of the wayward ship. He’s so Hufflepuff, he may as well be a badger.

B’Elanna Torres – Gryffindor

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Star Trek: Voyager‘s chief engineer is one of the most challenging characters to assign to a specific Hogwarts house. B’Elanna Torres shows strong qualities from all four houses. She’s as guarded as a Slytherin, learns like a Ravenclaw, and is as hard-working as any Hufflepuff.

But between her impulsive nature, her penchant for locking horns with authority, and her passion for standing up for those who can’t do it themselves, B’Elanna is more Gryffindor than anything else.

Tom Paris – Gryffindor

Just like Neelix and Hufflepuff, Tom Paris’s home in Gryffindor seems almost too obvious to even mention. Just about all the hotshot helmsmen of Trek would find themselves in that house. The good news is that Tom and B’Elanna could hang out in the same common room.

The Doctor – Ravenclaw

robert picardo star trek

Star Trek: Voyager‘s Emergency Medical Hologram could certainly be cold enough for a Slytherin, but Ravenclaw is where he’d be most comfortable. It’s both his thirst for knowledge and his passion for teaching that defines The Doctor more than anything else.

Harry Kim – Hufflepuff

Star Trek: Voyager‘s ambitious ensign certainly has the intellect of a Ravenclaw, but what drives his passion the most is his tireless dedication and loyalty to Captain Janeway, the crew, and to Starfleet. You never see an angrier Harry Kim than when he finds out another member of the crew (usually Tom) is in some way putting themselves before the ship.

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