Doctor Who Reveals First Look At David Tennant With New Sonic Screwdriver

By TeeJay Small | Updated

The latest social media posts from the BBC‘s official Doctor Who account on Instagram have revealed a number of intriguing details ahead of the highly anticipated 60th anniversary special. As previously reported, fan favorite Doctor performer David Tennant is set to return in a trio of massive special episodes celebrating the hit British series’ 60th anniversary, with a number of surprises for fans being teased. Taking his place as the Fourteenth Doctor, a new look at Tennant in the role displays a revamped Sonic Screwdriver, prompting fans to wonder just what abilities the famed tool could possess in the Doctor’s latest iteration.

Beside David Tennant we see Catherine Tate’s Donna Noble, as well as her mother Sylvia, as portrayed by Jacqueline King, looking on in characteristic concern, as the Doctor presumably vaguely explains his tool’s capabilities. Doctor Who fans were quick to take to the comments, with hundreds of inquiries demanding answers as to what the latest Sonic Screwdriver can do, as well as eagle-eyed observations about the setting of the photograph itself.

David Tennant appears as The Doctor with a new Sonic Screwdriver in this Doctor Who first look.

Tennant and company seem to be cooped up in an all-wooden attic in the Instagram post, prompting many users to question if the 60th anniversary Screwdriver will finally work on organic matter such as wood.

Previous iterations of Doctor Who‘s famed Sonic Screwdriver have held a myriad of uses, including blasting sonic waves to bypass locking mechanisms or disable machinery, or even serving as a welding torch, reaching unthinkable heat signatures.

While there is still no confirmed date for the 60th anniversary special, the network has maintained a November 2023 release.

Much to the chagrin of previous Doctors, this device famously cannot work on wood, as the complex structure of the organic matter makes it nearly impossible to pinpoint a resonant frequency in the substance. If the Fourteenth Doctor has somehow exacted a method for pinpointing such frequencies, this could have massive implications for the future of the decades-old franchise.

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David Tennant returning as the Fourteenth Doctor

Though this is the first look at the Screwdriver within the context of the production, The BBC previously unveiled a full look at the glowing accessory, revealing a shimmering silver exterior complete with gold trim. The network has been slowly feeding Doctor Who fans a trail of breadcrumbs in preparation for the three-episode special event, including a new version of the series’ theme music, as well as new information surrounding the upcoming 15th season of the series, which is set to star Sex Education and Barbie actor Ncuti Gatwa.

While there is still no confirmed date for the 60th anniversary special, the network has maintained a November 2023 release.

If you just can’t stand the wait for a David Tennant Doctor Who event, you’re in luck, as the former and future Doctor is set to host a BBC Four documentary celebrating the long-running series on Wednesday, November 1.

The event will see Tennant as well as a host of previous Time Lords discussing the past, present, and future of the series, as well as their experiences on the production. For now we’ll just have to wait for more updates regarding the Doctor Who anniversary celebration.