Star Trek To Resurrect Past Villains For A New Show

By Jason Collins | 2 months ago

Star Trek

The Star Trek movie franchise has come to a creative halt, and possibly even a dead end. And while Paramount Pictures re-considers its decision about pulling the plug on the Star Trek movie franchise, Star Trek TV shows are rolling out hot. And with two additional TV show titles set to release soon, Paramount Pictures is considering resurrecting an old villain for the new show.

According to Daniel Richtman, that villain could be Khan, the franchise’s greatest bad guys. However, without any official statements or confirmations by Paramount, those rumors remain just that—rumors. We’ve already written about the Khan’s improbable resurrection, so let’s recount what we know about the franchise and guess what following villains of the franchise might see the spotlight again.

The story regarding Khan as the next villain is not likely to happen, given Paramount Pictures’ efforts to distance themselves from the Star Trek movie franchise. After the bad financial performance of Star Trek: Beyond, the studio pulled the plug on future Star Trek movie releases, scrapping Star Trek 4 along the way, to further invest in television releases.

wrath of khan
Khan Noonien Singh

Unlike the movie counterpart of the franchise, television releases performed exceptionally well. Star Trek: Discovery, whom many characterized as a “gift that keeps giving,” ended its third season on a quieter end of things, with the fall of the season’s antagonist Osyraa and her organization, the Emerald Chain. That leaves Discovery in need of a new villain.

Klingons are always a good choice, as they’re a warrior species with an aggressive culture that made them into a considerable interstellar military power. The first season of Star Trek: Discovery revolves around a Federation-Klingon war, and the alien warrior race appears through the series in a primarily adversarial role. The story started with a war with the Klingons and might even end with it. But, the series’ plot is set in the Prime Timeline, in which the Klingons eventually join the Federation, which might exclude them from the list.

The Dominion (Deep Space Nine) was another adversarial organization that was essentially the evil version of the United Federation of Planets, hellbent on taking over the Alpha Quadrant. Their actions sparked the Dominion War, one of the deadliest conflicts in the Federation’s history.

Doomed ship the Odyssey battles The Dominion on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

The list of individual villains and their evil organizations isn’t short either. The plot of season three of Star Trek: Discovery left some things unsaid between the Federation and the newly formed Romulan-Vulcan alliance. This might lead to Nero’s reappearance in the ST: Discovery, or possibly other releases in the Star Trek franchise.

But Star Trek: Discovery has an upcoming spin-off, the Strange New Worlds, featuring the adventures of Captain Pike, Spock, and Number One, aboard the USS Enterprise. The rich and colorful character history isn’t short of a few villains. Lore, Data’s older brother, and Gary Mitchell were particularly great villains, each with its own twist. But which one will we see, and where?

With rumors being rumors and without official confirmations, we can only continue to speculate. One thing is known for sure: Star Trek will resurrect an old villain for the new show, begging the answers to the following questions: “Who will it be?” and “Who would you like to see?”