Star Trek Shocks Fans With Three Series Premiere Dates

By Michileen Martin | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Are you a Star Trek fan who doesn’t think there are enough Trek shows out there? Do you still love watching the old episodes but just don’t think there are enough new Star Trek stories to sate your hunger for the world Gene Roddenberry made? Well, get ready, because Paramount+ is about to make your year, or at least half of it. The streamer just announced the premiere dates for not one, not two, but three new seasons — including the inaugural season of a new series. The way it’s scheduled, you can literally watch one brand new Star Trek episode almost every week from the beginning of February to the beginning of July — from the winter to the summer.

As reported by THR, Star Trek: Discovery will be returning from its mid-winter break on Thursday February 10. The following month, on Thursday March 3, Star Trek: Picard returns with its second season premiere. One Picard season 2 runs its course, we will finally get to watch the long-awaited new live-action show, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. The prequel series will chronicle the history of the Enterprise before Captain Kirk took it over from his predecessor, Captain Christopher Pike.

Along with the news of the premiere dates, Discovery and Strange New Worlds both received good news. Discovery has been renewed for season 5. Much more surprisingly — considering its premiere is still 4 months away — Star Trek: Strange New Worlds has already been renewed for its second season.

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There is a little bit of bad news in the announcement, but it’s not too bad. Back in September, it was announced the second season of Star Trek: Picard would stream in February. Now, for whatever reason, the season 2 premiere has been pushed back to March 3. Obviously, that’s not a massive delay. And considering we were in the second half of January before the release date was announced, it would almost be more of a surprise if it did drop in February as originally announced.

Of all the series included in the announcement, the news about Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is likely the one fans have been the most hungry for. Three of the series’ stars — Anson Mount who plays Christopher Pike, Ethan Peck who plays Spock, and Rebecca Romijn who plays Number One — will be reprising the roles, which they first assumed in season 2 of Discovery. Unlike most of Trek‘s more recent offerings, Strange New Worlds will reportedly set aside serialized storytelling for a more episodic format like the original series. Mount in particular was well received as the new Pike actor, and fans have been waiting for him to premiere in his own series since 2019.

Star Trek: Strange New World will also, once it premieres, be the only series in the franchise set in roughly the same era as Star Trek: The Original Series. While Discovery was originally set in the same era, starting with season 3, the heroes jumped forward almost a millennium to the 32nd century. Picard, in the meantime, is set at the end of the 24th century — two decades after the events of the final pre-Kelvin-Timeline film, 2002’s Star Trek: Nemesis.