Q Snaps His Fingers And Reveals Star Trek: Picard’s Season 2 Plot In New Trailer

By Josh Tyler | 9 hours ago

The plot of Star Trek: Picard season 2 has been shrouded in mystery, or at least it was shrouded in mystery. The mystery ends right now with the full trailer for Star Trek: Picard season 2 in which Q snaps his fingers and reveals everything the entire season will be about.

Watch the full, plot spoiling trailer for Star Trek: Picard season 2 below…

When last we left the cast of Star Trek: Picard they were just sort of wandering off. Jean-Luc Picard had been turned into a robot that would not be at all like a robot for no reason, at least one of the primary cast members had murdered someone and no one seemed to care. Also we were supposed to pretend not to notice that the show never explained what happened to Narek.

The season 2 trailer suggests the show will now ignore most of that, which is a good idea. Instead they’re going with the idea that Q’s trial of humanity never ended, that Picard season 2 picks up where Star Trek: The Next Generation left off, is exactly the kind of idea Picard should be exploring. What it shouldn’t be exploring is the modern era of the USA in 2021, which seems to be where almost the entire season will be set. Why set set it in that era? I’m sure a lot of it has to do with making some kind of heavy-handed political point, as Sir Patrick Stewart has insisted they do as a condition of his participation, but it’s hard not to think it’s also not a product of the kind of laziness that made Star Trek: Picard season 1 one of the worst things Star Trek has ever produced.

A really expensive Picard painting?

You use time travel to set your futuristic sci-fi show in modern times only when you’re trying to save money on budget. It’s easier and cheaper to just walk around on the streets of Vancouver and film than it is to build some gigantic futuristic set or render a CGI Borg cube for everyone to run around in. This feels cheap. This feels lazy. It feels like a betrayal. Oh by the way, Star Trek: Picard is one of the most expensive Star Trek series ever produced. It’s hard to imagine what they’re spending the money on, except filling up Patrick Stewart’s bank account.

At least Q is back. Tune in for that. Be ready to fast forward through the rest.