Lord Of The Rings Star Joins Cast Of Among Us Series, Because There’s Nothing Better To Do

By Douglas Helm | Published

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Among Us is a massively popular video game series, so it’s not too surprising that it’s going to be getting its own animated TV adaptation. The recently revealed cast attached to the project is fairly stacked, with Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood set to co-star with Randall Park, Ashley Johnson, and Yvette Nicole Brown. The animated series is being developed at CBS Studies by CBS Eye Animation Productions and Innersloth, the studio behind the video game.

Elijah Wood Is Among Us

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Along with the newly announced cast members, including Elijah Wood, we know that the Among Us series is being created and executive-produced by Owen Dennis. Titmouse (Star Trek: Lower Decks) is an animation studio. While there isn’t a network or streaming company attached to the series, conversations are reportedly ongoing.

The Hit Friendship-Ruining Video Game

Among Us VR

As you might expect from an Among Us series, the show will be based on the game’s premise, where an alien shapeshifter replaces a member of the crew on a spacecraft. The imposter character in the games has the objective of sabotaging the ship and killing everyone on board. Meanwhile, the other crew members have to complete tasks while trying to suss out who the imposter is.

A Stacked Cast Of Imposters

Randall Park, Elijah Wood, Ashley Johnson, and Yvette Nicole Brown’s inclusion in the Among Us series gives the show an admittedly solid cast. Also, Titmouse’s involvement is promising, considering he already has experience in a comedic animated TV setting with Star Trek: Lower Decks. Meanwhile, Owen Dennis created Infinity Train and worked on Regular Show, so this show could definitely be a massive success if it hits the right tone.

Despite the violent nature of the premise, Among Us has a huge player base of kids, teens, and adults alike. If the show leans into the creative style of Star Trek: Lower Decks and Regular Show, it has a good chance of hitting all of those target demographics. A solid voice cast with some big names like Elijah Wood might also help to draw some interest.

No Longer Generic Characters

Along with the cast announcement, we also got character descriptions for who Randall Park, Ashley Johnson, Elijah Wood, and Yvette Nicole Brown will be playing in the Among Us series. Park is voicing Red, who is captain of the Skeld. His description says that he is a people-pleaser and a blowhard, tasked with leadership and confidence, whose fun fact is he failed upward.

Ashley Johnson is voicing the Chief of Security Purple, whose description includes safety, suspicion, and sarcasm. Purple’s task is a “wet blanket.” The fun fact is that she has trust issues. Elijah Wood plays the unpaid intern, Green, who is happy to be there, tasked with whatever they’re told, and whose fun fact is they’re paid in pizza.

The Next Last Of Us Or The Next Halo?

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Yvette Nicole Brown voices Orange in HR, who is described as a spineless corporate shill who is tasked to eliminate redundancy redundantly. The fun fact is that she fires you over email. We’ll have to wait and see if Elijah Wood and the Among Us cast get added to the list of recent good video game adaptations or if it will go in the other direction.