Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 5 Reveals Crazy Cameos

By Danny Gallagher | Published

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  • Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 5 is going to continue appealing to hardcore fans with amazing cameos.
  • The cameo wishlist for Lower Decks Season 5 includes Avery Brooks.
  • Tawny Newsome, Mariner’s voice actress, is dying to tell fans who’s coming in Star Trek: Lower Decks Seaosn 5.

Star Trek’s animated comedy has been making fans go “Squeeeee!” with its cameos over the last four seasons. It looks like Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 5 isn’t going to disappoint fans in the celebrity cameo department, either. There are reports that Lower Decks Season 5 is already in the works, and the writers and producers have worked in some special cameos for future episodes featuring some new Star Trek favorites, according to showrunner Mike McMahan.

Teases For Lower Deck Season 5

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McMahan told TrekCulture that he has “some amazing cameos” planned for Lower Decks Season 5, but he wouldn’t get too specific. He also added that “we really outdid ourselves this season. Stuff nobody could expect. Stuff that was very difficult to lock everybody into.”

The Bar Is High For Cameos

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The previous season’s epic finale set the bar pretty high for Star Trek cameos for Lower Decks Season 5. The episode featured Robert Duncan McNeill as Nick Locarno, the infamous disgraced Starfleet cadet character from Star Trek: The Next Generation, who tells the story of what happened to him and his backup career as a freelance pilot following his expulsion. The same episode also brought back Wesley Crusher, voiced by Wil Wheaton, and Sito Jaxa, voiced by Shannon Fill, who McMahan says was the hardest to track down for the season finale.

Who Is A Bigger Get Than Wil Wheaton?

So, who’s going to be in Lower Decks Season 5? Well, if Will Wheaton is the bar they have to hurl themselves over to impress their fans, then we could be talking about some seriously high-ranking Starfleet officers and former Enterprise crew members.

Tawny Newsome, the voice of Beckett Mariner, said at the Farpoint Convention held earlier this month in Pikesville, Md., that she couldn’t name any names just yet, but she’s just itching to say who’s going to make an appearance in Lower Decks Season 5. She said during a convention panel that there’s someone “coming up in Season 5 and I can’t tell you about it, but I’m very excited for Season 5.”

The Amazing Wishlist Of Cameos

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Newsome also revealed who she would pick to make a cameo in the new season if the casting reins were handed to her. She said she’d be thrilled to work with Avery Brook as Capt. Sisko from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Terry Farrell, who played Jadzia Dax from the same series. Could either be the cameos McMahan teased for Lower Decks Season 5? It feels like they are high enough on the Star Trek celebrity cameo ladder to top the ones we’ve seen.

Any News On The Movie?

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It’s also important to consider who the showrunners might be saving to make cameos in the new Star Trek: Lower Decks movie that’s currently in development. Paramount Pictures hasn’t released any new details about the movie since the news broke almost a year ago, but it feels like it would be prudent if they saved the biggies for the film instead of just using them in Lower Decks Season 5. Fans want to see the biggest Star Trek stars on the big screen when their guard is down, and they aren’t expecting it.