First Teaser For Shazam 2 Reveals Zachary Levi’s New Costume

Zachary Levi is getting a new costume for Shazam! 2.

By Jason Collins | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

shazam 2 costume zachary levi

A newly released teaser for Shazam!: Fury of the Gods humorously showcases Zachary Levi’s new superhero costume, offering the fans some insight into the highly-anticipated sequel. Admittedly, the new outfit does look better than the first one used in the original Shazam! movie, as it closely resembles the one used in comics.

The Shazam!: Fury of the Gods director, David F. Sandberg, released an exclusive teaser trailer showcasing Shazam’s new costume. Though the teaser only showcases the boots, the gauntlets, and the iconic lightning symbol highlighted in a dark setting, before Levi’s humorous interruption regarding the light, the trailer doesn’t show anything else. However, Shazam Updates, a Twitter account dedicated to the highly anticipated sequel, offers us first-look stills of Zachary Levi in his new Shazam suit, which looks like a significant upgrade over his previous one.

Among the changes is the sheer amount of detail added, with a much more intricate design, different gauntlets, and more accentuated, darker reds on arms and sides, with tiny silver accents to compliment the overall design. It would also appear that the new suit isn’t padded like the previous iteration, which was criticized by the fandom. Now that the padding is gone, the fandom should be satisfied with the new costume, apart from one tiny detail: where is Shazam’s cloak? The newly released set photos show Zachary Levi suited up but not wearing a cape, despite wearing shoulder clasps where a cape would attach. This is in no way indicative of the fact that the new suit doesn’t feature a cape since very little detail is known about the movie at this point. Either the cloak is gone, not needed for the specific scene, or CGI generated in post-production, which would explain its absence entirely.

Interestingly, the teaser shows a similarly ominous and shadowy setting we’ve previously seen on Dwayne Johnson’s teaser photo of Black Adam. The sinister showcasing of the new suit in the teaser is suddenly interrupted by Zachary Levi’s humoristic inquiry in why the set is so dark and that having at least one light is a good idea – which only corresponds to the tone of his character. However, given that Black Adam is Shazam’s most iconic enemy, and the similarities between their respective teasers paired with side-by-side productions of both movies, it’s highly probable we’ll see a crossover sometime in the future.

Like in the original movie, Shazam!: Fury of the Gods will center around Zachary Levi’s Billy Batson, a.k.a. Shazam, and his foster family of superheroes, all of whom are children, just like Billy. But, by channeling ancient magic, and in Billy’s case saying the name Shazam, they’re transformed into adult superhero warriors with exceptional superpowers. There’s no detail regarding the movie’s plot, but we already know that Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu joined the cast as villainesses Hespera and Kalypso, respectively.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods was initially announced for April 1, 2022, later delayed to November of the same year due to the COVID-19 pandemic shifting all the world’s schedules. The release date was further delayed to June 2023, or to “Coming Soon…ish,” according to the movie’s director, David F. Sandberg