See The Peaches Music Video For The Super Mario Bros. Song

Jack Black performs Peaches from the Super Mario Bros Movie.

By TeeJay Small | Published

Jack Black has been flexing his inner Weird Al Yankovich this week with the release of his Cole Bennett-assisted music video titled “Peaches.” The video shows Jack Black dressed in a Bowser costume, proclaiming his love for Princess Peach from the Super Mario Bros franchise, in a clear act of viral marketing for the freshly released Super Mario Bros Movie. The film, which was released last week, has already broken several records, scoring huge numbers at the box office.

Cole Bennett is best known for his many Hip Hop collaborations, from Juice WRLD, to J. Cole, under the title of Lyrical Lemonade, which touts an impressive 20.6 million YouTube subscriber count. In “Peaches,” Jack Black prances around an all-pink interior space, complete with a photo of the Princess and a bowl of peaches sitting atop a peach-colored piano. Long before his casting in The Super Mario Bros Movie, Jack Black was well known for his work in rock and heavy metal, including roles in films such as School of Rock and his musical side project Tenacious D.

Jack Black has been a favorite fan performer for The Super Mario Bros Movie since the casting was first announced, with Chris Pratt, Charlie Day, Anya Taylor Joy, and Keagan Michael Key rounding out the cast. Clearly, as shown by the “Peaches” music video, Jack Black has warmed up to the idea of wearing the Bowser suit publicly, even after he was pranked into wearing it by his Mario Movie co-stars during a recent appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show. Though his music video attire is less cartoonish in nature than the Kelly Clarkson fit, the green suit and red spiked headdress cannot be mistaken.

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The “Peaches” music video has already amassed nearly 6 million views on the video-sharing platform, yet more proof that the latest Mario movie was a smash-hit on arrival, with a behind-the-scenes video, also shared on Bennett’s secondary channel Lyrical Lemonade 2. In addition to appearing in The Super Mario Bros Movie, Jack Black recently made waves with a surprising cameo appearance in the latest episode of the Disney+ original series The Mandalorian, alongside pop singer Lizzo. The next few years appear to be incredibly lucrative for the Bowser actor, as he is also set to appear in a number of upcoming films, according to his IMDb.

With the “Peaches” music video providing so much extra press for The Super Mario Bros Movie, many fans are hopeful that Jack Black will continue this trend with his future roles. One of the upcoming roles in question places Jack Black as Claptrap, the loudmouthed robot sidekick of the player character in the hit video game series Borderlands. The Borderlands film is stacked with heaps of talent, including directors Tim Miller and Eli Roth and The Last Of Us showrunner Craig Mazin, who is attached as the screenwriter.

Fans can only hope that future film outings will enjoy the same level of marketing success as Jack Black’s “Peaches” single, which has exploded on the internet, leading many fans to create Mario-centric fan art, cover videos, and reaction content all across social media. The Super Mario Bros Movie is available to watch in theaters now, in case you can’t get enough of Jack Black’s Bowser.