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  • Created By: Neil Druckmann & Craig Mazin
  • Series Debut: January 15, 2023
  • Game Debut: June 14, 2013
  • Owner: Sony

The Last of Us cast has already received critical acclaim for their on-screen portrayals of the popular video game characters. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest names on the series.

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the last of us season 2 pedro pascal

The Last Of Us Season 2 Has To Do One Thing Right In Order To Please Fans

Last year, HBO’s The Last Of Us premiered to massive critical acclaim, seemingly smashing through the glass ceiling of poorly-received …

5 hours ago

How CRISPR Could Make The Last Of Us Become Reality

The Last of Us, the celebrated HBO miniseries based on the equally celebrated videogame, was as scary as CRISPR, the …

4 weeks ago

Hollywood Video Game Adaptations Will Collapse Like The Superhero Genre?

The long-time gamer in me is enjoying some of the most recent video game adaptations we are all witnessing. There …

1 month ago

euphoria chloe cherry

Euphoria Actor Crushes Fan Hopes For Season 3

If you are a Euphoria fan you have likely been waiting eagerly to hear any scrap of news for when …

2 months ago

johnny depp jack sparrow
Pedro Pascal

Pedro Pascal Was Saved By Buffy The Vampire Slayer

It’s safe to say that many actors, like Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alyson Hannigan, and David Boreanaz, have a little show …

2 months ago

Fallout Series Is Your Next Sci-Fi Obsession, See The Evidence

The latest video game adaptation is about to celebrate its arrival on Prime Video, and the streamer is commemorating it …

2 months ago

Nick Offerman Claps Back At The Last Of Us Haters In The Best Way Possible

At Sunday’s Film Independent Awards, Nick Offerman was honored with the Best Supporting Performance in a New Scripted Series award …

3 months ago

wing commander

1990s Sci-Fi Space Adventure Based On Fan-Favorite Franchise Being Totally Forgotten

Video game adaptations have come a long, long way, with adaptations like The Last of Us and Arcane getting heaped …

3 months ago

pedro pascal

Pedro Pascal Leaves Weapons Movie From Barbarian Director, Marvel Is To Blame?

Being zaddy is tough – just ask Pedro Pascal. While we loved his run on Game of Thrones and Narcos, …

4 months ago

last of us

Pedro Pascal Injury Delaying The Last Of Us Season 2?

While we’ve known for a while that Pedro Pascal has a certain stance with his arm against his stomach to …

4 months ago

the last of us

The Last Of Us Prequel Series In The Works, Focuses On Fan-Favorites

Fans of HBO’s celebrated, adored series, The Last of Us, prepare yourself: Nick Offerman recently teased a possible prequel centered around …

4 months ago

The Dystopian Thriller Everyone Pirated In 2023

If there’s one thing that HBO knows how to do it’s create a show with so much buzz and hype …

5 months ago

last of us 3

The Last Of Us Game Canceled By Naughty Dog

Sony has been canceling its developing titles and pulling content from its online platforms recently, and the company’s latest victim …

5 months ago

The Last Of Us Story Won’t Be Finished, Hints Co-Creator

The Last of Us is perhaps one of the greatest video gaming series that originally launched on the PlayStation 3 …

6 months ago

the last of us

Last Of Us Season 2 Being Changed Because Of New Game

Gizmodo reports that Last of Us showrunners Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann are turning to the upcoming video game remaster …

6 months ago

The Last Of Us Just Cast Abby With One Of Hollywood’s Hottest Stars?

The debate is in full swing. Who will be cast to play Abby in the second season of the popular …

9 months ago

daryl zombies

The Walking Dead’s Latest Show Rips Off Fan-Favorite Hit Series

Pop quiz, hotshot: what if your ailing franchise finally got a shot of new life, but everyone knows it’s because …

9 months ago

The Last Of Us Spinoffs

The Last Of Us Spinoffs In The Works?

HBO’s The Last of Us was a massive hit, so there is naturally some talk of spin-offs in the works. …

9 months ago


The Worst Game Of The Year Is On Nintendo Switch

Wouldn’t it be nice if the gaming industry had its own Razzies where the gaming community gets to officially announce …

10 months ago

last of us season finale

The Last Of Us Makes Emmy History

Last year, the HBO hit TV series The Last of Us took the world by storm as fans tuned in …

10 months ago

Neil Druckmann Takes Over Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog, a Sony Interactive Entertainment subsidiary and a first-party PlayStation studio credited with the Uncharted and The Last of …

10 months ago

Matthew McConaughey Nearly Starred In Television’s Best New Show

Matthew McConaughey was one of the final choices to play Joel on The Last of Us.

11 months ago

Dune: Part Two Script Worked On By The Last Of Us Showrunner

Filmmaker Denis Villeneuve recruited The Last of Us showrunner Craig Mazin to work on the script for Dune: Part Two.

11 months ago

last of us season 2

The Last Of Us Planning Many More Seasons?

The Last of Us is going to go beyond two seasons.

1 year ago

the last of us

The Last Of Us Finale Set An Unbelievable Record

8.2 million viewers tuned in to watch The Last of Us finale, which is a record-breaking number for Britain’s Sky Atlantic.

1 year ago

last of us season finale

The Last Of Us Has Been Defeated By A Teenage Drama

The Last of Us managed an impressive 1.19 billion minutes watched last month, but Netflix’s Outer Banks’ third season debuted with 3.15 billion, more than doubling the HBO hit.

1 year ago

the last of us

The Last Of Us Creator Just Teased The Game’s Best Villain For Season 2

Neil Druckmann shared a poster on Twitter of a hand holding a bloody crowbar, referencing Abby jumping from the game to The Last of Us Season 2.

1 year ago

fantastic four

The Last of Us’ Best Scene Was Inspired By A Key Lord of the Rings Moment

The Last of Us’s “Bloater” scene was inspired by the Moria sequence of The Fellowship of the Ring.

1 year ago